Iron Poets – A Poem

Iron is for bridges Superstructures for futures Steam and great engines Unbending and ancient One of the first atoms spasmed From the billions-ancient chasm Of our birth in cataclysm For turning? No it isn't.   But unsung Iron makes bombs   Poets they are plastic aesthetes, airy elastic never nailed down cloud-head-clowns Filled with conceits... Continue Reading →

Past Present – A Poem

You tear open your present, With a total delight That tears open my present From the paper comes joy Uncontained From the rip only yesterday Again When will I shake the shudder That quakes me utterly When happiness threatens I don't want to mourn The child of I That died Each time This child of... Continue Reading →

Human Values – A short story

While it may stray a little, this story was sparked by the post 'Generosity' by Nikki Manson and our brief comment exchange, so thank you Nikki. The character is named by way of an apology for getting someones name wrong! You know who you are (even if I don't!!). - HUMAN VALUES "Firstday is the worst day".... Continue Reading →

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