Blow dried and back!

I hope some day that these natural disasters will wake us up to the importance of our environment - both nature and our neighbours - not only in forcing us to think about the climate but also about what matters in life.

Distant Friends – A Poem

I want to sit with you And share brandy As we laugh about Our memories And feel the warmth Of log-fire bodies In proximity And friendship But we will never meet And the elastic Frustrated glorious Can't be Is perhaps what makes we But it kills me For I am swollen with loving Only possibly

Real to Real – A Poem

My previous post generated some comments between myself and Susan - which after some editing became this! So. If you fancy it, I offer a challenge. From your own blog (or another), can you pick a comment chain and - with minimal editing - turn it into a poem? If so, link to the poem... Continue Reading →

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