The History Displays: Part One – A Poem

We cannot speak out-shouted by history where we should cry we bleed We don't need self-pity that wears itself out refusing cures and cries "I hurt, so you cannot cut me." before wielding its own knife But that is who we are and what we have our goodness murdered with the past We don't need... Continue Reading →

Sing Me – A Poem

While you are wrong and I am right You play in a diminished key To my major melody In a painful cacophony Our notes a loud War cloud   While you are right and I am wrong My minor line coaxes tears While your dominant scale sneers In an assault on the ears Duelling staccato... Continue Reading →

Freedom II – A Poem

My only rule is that I shall not be bound by any rules By custom we paint our houses white I painted mine black I have incurred several injuries from low furniture My friend offered a game of chess I said no When asked I explained why So it is a rule that you do... Continue Reading →

Fashion – A Story – A Rant

Warning - proof that I'm a wizened old fart alert!! I was bumbling up the road today when it occurred to me that my trousers were at least two inches too baggy for fashion. There was nothing else for it, and I immediately poured petrol over my head and set fire to myself. Luckily I... Continue Reading →

Freedom – A Poem

Give me my freedom I cannot give what you deny you have Give me my freedom I can only offer mine, trap you in my life   Strive for freedom, now To live without bounds, as if this were, Somehow, our natural state ‘I am not black or white, and my history, All the law... Continue Reading →

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