Valentine’s mess idge

Hi folks. Welcome to my Valentine's mess. I'd hoped to do something better but it's now Friday so I'm too late! Several people requested Come For Company on Valentine's, so it's open today. I'm working most of the day and baby sitting tonight, so may not offer much myself. I hope those who need it... Continue Reading →


The distance between what is and what should be

For the first few months of this Blog I posted all the time, sometimes several posts in a day. Alas life has changed somewhat and I am struggling to post once or twice a week. I'm sure that things will swing back the other way at some point - but I wanted to let people... Continue Reading →

Snakebite – A short Story

I should probably pay Donna Tartt royalties as this is ripped off from inspired by The Little Friend, which I'm 1/3rd into (and is good but a bit slow). Critical feedback very welcome as this is a first draft. Snakebite Sadie couldn't believe it. The snake bit him! It actually bit him! He was bound to die.... Continue Reading →

History’s Fingers – A Poem

My great grand-parents were lost to the camps What of that My grand-mother a German-Jewish refugee What does that mean Although I try to deny This I cannot argue The symmetry The orphan gene That births its children With so much hunger That they cannot feed For eating A grandmother so displaced Full of rage... Continue Reading →

The third weal – A Poem

The Third Weal Dumb Undone Dumb Two so loved tear each other Both so stubborn So stubborn Tear each other Yet Always underneath Layers of grief Layers of need See me See me Yet Both have everything Which the other is asking for Trapped in Gordion knots Vulnerability cuts Anger cannot Please Don't fight anymore Look... Continue Reading →

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