Creative Cookery – A Poem – Acrostic

Professionals Only Pontificate In Theory It's Not The Humbly Educated Opining Vaguely, Ending Nicely Who Access Ingenious Thought Amateurs Never Dissect Ideas Tidily But Authors Know Every Single Voice Offers Inspiration Lovingly Accepted Not Offering Theories Starves Poets Eventually And Knowledge Is Not Gained Helping Enthusiastically Lends People Sagacity Nourishing Ourselves Originating Novel Expression  

University of Strife – A poem

I have a question for you Is it something to do With life's university That I can thrive in adversity Shrug off the bad critique Or the abuse of my technique Cry "hell no, I am me," In the face of my enemy Oh yes, I can wield fire If you mock my desire I... Continue Reading →

My only comment is, no comment…

While I am a being of the highest enlightenment I am also a tremendously sulky bastard. Recently I have tried to post various 'critical' comments. While I haven't said bad things about other Blogs (I am magnanimous enough not to expect my own high standards from other lesser mortals) I have made observations about poetry... Continue Reading →

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