Teenage girls wax their bikini lines in teen sex shocker

Will Gardner (stupidly long job-title that basically means he 'protects' kids on the internet) says it's all down to the on-line porn, and that kids need 'to put what they are seeing into context.' Exactly what context is this?


A drive-by fountain of despair and hate…

I have no time for pleasantries, which may not please, but it's a modern disease, days like these force us to squeeze every moment dry till the great goodbye when we can only lie and see the sky fully for the first time and ask why we didn't do so before, why did profit and... Continue Reading →

New Job – A Poem

Hello and welcome to your interview I'm going to detail the role for you I can only give some vague outline But you'll pick it up in time So basically the wage Is lower than any other job on earth There are no holidays And there's no end to the work You'll be on call... Continue Reading →

Appropriate Adult – A Poem

Words may be ignored Amid the chitter Of chicks Scattering sounds indiscriminately As a child blows bubbles Just to see them drift Actions might be gesture Safely consigned As mere signs of life Little ones dance loose To music parents cannot hear So seem mad in youth But those ridiculous flags You laughed scornfully at... Continue Reading →

Progeny – A Poem

Some days all the libraries in the world Wall to wall with wisdom Are a screaming futility Against the fact The act Of living   We do not breathe in pages With their static smug knowing Nailed butterfly death   Ink and yesterday Is no analgesic   Some days to smile is to crawl over... Continue Reading →

Divorce – A Poem

Two trees side by side Branches grown entwined Meet a hurricane One falls Tearing limbs from its twin What now come the next high wind For the mourning tree And those nested within

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