Forward to the Stone Age – A Poem

Scientists have moved through black holes, and discovered time works in reverse on the other side From the great rebound spiralling back space fleets to small streets to the stone age Reaching the mirror earth they find great herds and catch the roars of dinosaurs. civilisation is history here From a lonely cave they retrieve... Continue Reading →

Sorry? – A Poem

I used to spend a lot of time apologising for myself   Did my humour offend you Does my music annoy you Am I in your way   I was a walking ball of sorry for Bouncing off every comfort zone   I realised I had to change if people didn't like me It wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Not Giving – A Poem

Little blue Clouds still wreath you Sapling cry Broken green Fragile glass gleam How I remember Shouting red I loved you then If only for your need Lost Maroon I would have adopted you In a heartbeat Aquamarine What kind of father would I have been You may not have grown but I spent receding... Continue Reading →

History’s Fingers – A Poem

My great grand-parents were lost to the camps What of that My grand-mother a German-Jewish refugee What does that mean Although I try to deny This I cannot argue The symmetry The orphan gene That births its children With so much hunger That they cannot feed For eating A grandmother so displaced Full of rage... Continue Reading →

When the hospital makes you sick, where do you find a cure?

Warning: This is a discussion of the treatment of sexual abuse. Although there are no graphic descriptions, you may still find it upsetting. If you normally read The Sun, or watch Jeremy Kyle you should read these first: Otherwise, start here. Is it time we asked ourselves afresh how to deal with abuse?... Continue Reading →

Sandscript – A Poem

This poem was (inspired by / ripped off from) Susan Daniels Poem Here. As Oscar Wilde says, talent creates but genius steals! Sandscript No matter how deeply I scribe The words are eaten by the tide If I could fill them With the life behind The memories and scars Use a life-pen To empty my... Continue Reading →

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