The nuts and a squirrel – The infinite poetry challenge!

I apologise that I missed Ramblys prompt. A group of us, Rambly, Susan, Prayer, Mimsy, Kellogg have been playing poetry games, and this is one of the prompts. The words required were Salt, River and Book, the theme infinite possibilities. I'm in a sad love poem mood, so here is my effort. Bottoming out I cried until the river Was... Continue Reading →

A journey through a body – poem and challenge

There is a challenge theme happening among these poetic folk. SusanDanielsden : ramblingsfromamum : Stephen Kellogg : WhimsyMimsy  : APrayerLikeGravity Part one of the challenge is to write a poem, and then tell everyone else their poem is better than yours (hehe 😉 ). Part two has been various, with themes ranging from acorns to toilet... Continue Reading →

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