I’m dead – So are the Hamsters – So is my son. Are you happy now!

This people, this is what you did. I warned you, but Mobious, Lynette, Combat and Sophia did it anyway. All over the house are dead hamsters. My son was so devastated he dug the shotgun out from the under-stairs cupboard. I'd take a photograph of his corpse to further shame you, but it's kind of... Continue Reading →

Tips for the Budding Blogger – Part 2

Welcome to part two of my guide to writing. Simply follow these rules for writing the perfect blog and soon you will have more followers than Christ. Tip 4. Write with sensitivity. For example, never make gratuitous and potentially offensive references to other people's deities. Tip 5. Write what you want You can write your... Continue Reading →

My only comment is, no comment…

While I am a being of the highest enlightenment I am also a tremendously sulky bastard. Recently I have tried to post various 'critical' comments. While I haven't said bad things about other Blogs (I am magnanimous enough not to expect my own high standards from other lesser mortals) I have made observations about poetry... Continue Reading →

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