The History Displays: Part Two – A Poem

I am with you Dedalus I run but am cast so precisely by the nightmare of history that I flow inexorably where the curve of eschatology takes me I can break my hands forever under millennial tonnes of creed cracking meanings in vain I am not shaper but shaped Clean I would be a mirror... Continue Reading →

Maze – A Poem

As long as my heart can express Without talking As long as my feet can still move Without walking As long as my words can still speak Without showing As long as my love can emerge Without knowing As long as my wisdom comes through Without truth As long as sincerity wins Without proof As... Continue Reading →

Sorry? – A Poem

I used to spend a lot of time apologising for myself   Did my humour offend you Does my music annoy you Am I in your way   I was a walking ball of sorry for Bouncing off every comfort zone   I realised I had to change if people didn't like me It wasn't... Continue Reading →

Real to Real – A Poem

My previous post generated some comments between myself and Susan - which after some editing became this! So. If you fancy it, I offer a challenge. From your own blog (or another), can you pick a comment chain and - with minimal editing - turn it into a poem? If so, link to the poem... Continue Reading →

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