Abuse and asking why the papers can’t – please – JUST SHUT UP!

We live in a society riven by forms of abuse, abuses of power, financial abuses, war crimes and political deceit. In this climate sexual abuse is only an extreme example of the fundamental sickness in our society. We refuse to see ourselves as capable of harm, or culpable, yet we cause harm every day.

Hurt us – A Poem

Hurt us, but apologise That may be enough But if you hurt and then deny It buries a little worm Inside the mind That can blight A whole life Punish them if you must Lock them away from us But remember that while You may be satisfied Our little worms Cannot hear Apologies out here

Ready or Not – A Poem

I hide in the shed but he finds me there I try the cupboard under the stairs but he catches me again I hide under lots of clothes but he looks beneath those So I hide in the bed but realise that's expected At last I hide in my head he can't get me then... Continue Reading →

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