One answer to the question: “What is wrong with people?”

There has been more than one book, film or even real life story of a person falling ill. Doctors are baffled, the patient is getting slowly worse, yet there’s nothing apparently wrong. Eventually we discover the husband, wife or another is poisoning the victim slowly – usually to get hold of an inheritance or insurance... Continue Reading →

When asked why mental illness is on the rise…

I read this in the guardian earlier asking ‘why are we all suffering from mental health issues'. I think the answer is fairly clear. Nothing is true anymore. There is no trust in the Govt, who lie continually to try and get Brexit, and to prep for an election. Promises of funds for NHS, police... Continue Reading →

Going on a Kyle-ing spree

Government Sanctioned Murder Is Still Murder How would you feel if you lived in a country where the poor starved in their hundreds every year? All those films and appeals with emaciated children crying from hunger were filmed in your country, your city, your very street? Unthinkable for us in the UK. Britain has been... Continue Reading →

Ten reasons why the law is probably not even legal

A popular post doing the rounds is about Tommy Robinson standing for EU elections. He’s a proper human turd, and for those curious, here’s a summary.: He’s racist, and particularly Islamaphobic, Charged with assault in 2005, 2010, 2011, Unlawful protest 2011, Leading a brawl 2011, Travelling under someone else’s passport 2013, Mortgage fraud 2014, Contempt... Continue Reading →

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