Religion, Faith and God – why we should replace them all!

What the hell, it's just been Christmas and today is New Year - just the right time for some religion. This post is inspired by a conversation I finished 5 minutes ago with my father-in-law. I'm staying here tonight to escape the dread noise of parties in my home city. I'd be alone on New... Continue Reading →

Thank you and !!COME BACK!!

Hi Everyone, C4C had an amazing year. There were 149 different visitors just on the day, with 1,635 comments. Last year we had 335 comments, which means we had over 500% more chat this year! Partly I think the new system made it easier to manage, and easier for visitors to navigate. Of course, the sprawling readership of Rara helped, as did... Continue Reading →

Better than the Queens message

Tomorrow is Christmas and soon 2014. This is I suppose my Christmas message. I'm away from home and without my usual toys so alas no cartoons 😦 But lots of deep meaningful pontification. Don't worry - it get's happy towards the end! This was a year which saw drastic cuts to benefits, pay rises for... Continue Reading →

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