It isn’t that the media has become corrupt, we’ve just woken up a bit.

We still have this instinct that newspapers tell us what’s happening, TV News shows us the world and opinion polls report what random, general people think. They are windows onto the world, bringing distant realities to our door. None of this is true. It’s quite possible that it’s never been true. During this election it... Continue Reading →

Not voting is as bad as shooting someone on your own team

TL/DR; We’re living in a new form of dictatorship and need to change things before it’s too late. Deciding not to vote, being too lazy, or protesting by not voting is an inexcusable act of harm against everyone in the bottom 95% of this country. Last chance, get out and register to vote. It feels... Continue Reading →

Living in a country of strangers

I dream of a world where people tell you how things are, do their best to present the truth, the realities and consequences of choices... then leave you to make up your mind. Instead groups spend £bn's researching how to manipulate people, which exact section of society to deliver which exactly tailored message to -... Continue Reading →

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