Not voting is as bad as shooting someone on your own team


We’re living in a new form of dictatorship and need to change things before it’s too late. Deciding not to vote, being too lazy, or protesting by not voting is an inexcusable act of harm against everyone in the bottom 95% of this country. Last chance, get out and register to vote.

It feels as if this country, and probably the world, is at a tipping point.

Russia is run by billionaires who are doing all they can to interfere in the UK and USA. Not by coincidence the USA and UK are now both governed by dictators.

The difficulty we have is that they are not the dictators we were taught about in school. We expect old-school dictators in uniforms, armed soldiers on the street, no freedom of speech or the press.

Our new dictators are different and many of us do not appear to recognise them for what they are. Russia, America and the UK (England especially) are what might be called Plutocratic Dictatorships. Instead of the military action and direct suppression we normally see, everything is done by brainwashing.

Johnson lies constantly, about his policies, his private life and his many unlawful acts. Trump lies constantly about everything. Both of them sew hate about immigrants – Trump wants to build a giant wall like some medieval Emperor, since we are an island Johnson just wants to close the ports. Both are derogatory about women, both have little to no political wisdom. Both are praised by the right, loved by racists and fascists and funded by billionaires. Both are selling their country for profit and financing the sale by cutting welfare, health and wages for the poor.

They are able to stay in power not through violence but through misinformation. The billionaires own the media and newspapers. They profit from huge tax breaks, under-the-table grants, the right to buy once public services (Steel, gas, electric, water, rail, post office, NHS) for insanely low prices and then massively raise tariffs and bleed the population even more. They want Johnson and Trump in power because – even though they have so much money they couldn’t spend it in three lifetimes – they want more. So they print lies and fake news, relying on our once unshakeable certainty that newspapers tell the truth.

We believe what they print all the way to the polling booth.

Meanwhile the same billionaires are giving millions to the Tories (and Trump) to help them stay in power. Why? Because these politicians are so incredibly inept, creating fake facebook pages, doctoring video, unable to answer basic questions on TV, banning fracking and then bringing it back 24hours later, promising hospitals will stay open minutes before closing them… without huge sums of money we would see them for the morons they are. Too stupid to even exploit the poor with any subtlety – it takes huge sums of cash and huge media campaigns to keep the public stupid enough to keep voting for them.

This, however, is our last chance. If the Tories get in they will rewrite the Human Rights Act, change parliamentary rules and how elections work, and create a state in which we cannot remove them from power. This sounds like scare mongering, but it’s all in their manifesto – the one few will bother actually reading before voting for them.

This is not just a UK election, this is one of a handful of events that will decide what our world becomes. If we vote Tory we vote money. All that will matter in the lives of anyone not wealthy is making more money for the wealthy. Work hours will increase, holidays grow shorter, health insurance will rise in cost, the NHS will be gone, wages will shrink, we’ll be eating poor grade food and going to work, without the money to enjoy leisure time or holidays.

This too is in their manifesto, policies and statements (raising pension age, NHS replaced with insurance healthcare, further welfare reduction…), it’s just not talked about in the M*il, S*n, BBC, Torygraph etc. because they will profit from it.

Johnson is loved by 80% of the media despite being hated by almost everyone he meets. Corbyn is hated by all the right-wing media, despite being loved by everyone who actually meets him. Why? Because money owns the media and will make lots more money under Johnson. If Corbyn gets in, they will only make a bit more money.

It’s not even like they will lose anything, they will just gain more slowly, but that’s enough to see them use all their might for a decade to attack the lifelong pacifist and socialist who has the temerity to want to help poor people.

Voting for Corbyn is a statement that we want a world where government is about enabling people to create satisfying lives, about caring for the weak while the strong still get to play, about more than just going to war for profit.

Hong Kong have spoken – taking possibly their first step on the road to a more democratic state. Spain has chosen socialism. The UK could do so too. It might not change the USA or Russia – but as part of Europe, our stance would send a message. The EU isn’t good for billionaires as they don’t like tax havens or unregulated trade. Tax dodging and single-minded profiteering are the only reasons Tories and the wealthy want out of Europe.

We do not want our country, perhaps soon the world, to be nothing but a billionaires playground while the rest of us are crushed into menial lives of virtual slavery.

If you don’t think politics is for you, and that voting is a waste of time, you are not just ‘a rebel’, or ‘a conscientious objector’ of some kind – you are a blight. While students, the poor and anyone with sense and a heart is pulling with all their might to bring about a good government – you sit on your arse and do nothing. If you were a footballer you’d be stood on the sidelines watching your team lose because they were a man down – but still expecting your wages, and medical care and all the perks. You are a parasite.

Today is the last day you can register – so do it and vote labour. It’s not just about you, or even England or the UK – this is global, a sign of slowly taking back control of this madness – where money is valued more than human life.

You can tell me anything (yes, even that!)

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