Thank you and !!COME BACK!!

Hi Everyone,

C4C had an amazing year. There were 149 different visitors just on the day, with 1,635 comments. Last year we had 335 comments, which means we had over 500% more chat this year!

Partly I think the new system made it easier to manage, and easier for visitors to navigate. Of course, the sprawling readership of Rara helped, as did the numerous people who posted badges. My thanks to everyone.

There was talk about doing C4C for other times of year. Perhaps I’d need to change the blog name for that? And not to Company for Valentines Day which unlikelyexplanations pointed out would be C4VD! Ick! We will see.

Meanwhile, this next bit might be easier, and also a bizarre experiment of a kind.

Company For New Year?

I can’t help but think that watching the new year traverse the planet through the window of C4C comments could be very interesting!

I have saved all the comments and pages from this year, just in case, so now people can delete, copy or reuse their pages as they will. So, who fancies coming back for the big one?

What I find interesting is that, since midnight is the main event, it might be easier for people to offer some time while their own country is not there yet, or already past it, to be there for those who are on their own. Truly a head-twisting multi-time-zonal event!

If you agree, reblog this post- or write something less boring with more nudity or cute wildlife in it! 😉

Or just leave a comment here saying whoo, wee or waaahaaayy!

11 thoughts on “Thank you and !!COME BACK!!

Add yours

  1. I like this idea! It was so much fun Christmas, and New Year’s can be worse than Christmas for a lot of people. I’m in! Now the new badge would be tricky. Hmmm if anyone can help it’s rara. She’s brilliant!

  2. What about calling it Company for the Holidays? C4H? That could work. Also, thanks very much, ROS, for the extra readership your event C4C generated to my blogs.

    1. Well that’s a splendid side-effect – I’m very happy 😀
      Really we’re keeping Come for Company as it means we don’t need to change the badges!!
      Happy New Year

  3. We may not have gotten the “land rush” for New Year’s as we did for Christmas, but I still believe this is a great idea. And you’ve done a magnificent job in coordinating and publicising this (along with the incomparable Rarasaur). Please keep it up, and I will be delighted and honoured to follow you, my fuzzy friend! 😉 😀

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