A drive-by fountain of despair and hate…

I have no time for pleasantries, which may not please, but it’s a modern disease, days like these force us to squeeze every moment dry till the great goodbye when we can only lie and see the sky fully for the first time and ask why we didn’t do so before, why did profit and product conduct us so, to forgo our very reason for being.

I am fighting to get my life back, while in my heart I just want to sleep in a mist that can steal my memories and make a truly new man of me without the history of such fierce gravity, or the knowledge which only teaches that tomorrow holds no releases.

How do I fit into this world without becoming more like its sickness?

Ever felt you've been had?
Maybe he is, but I’d prefer food to the news

If we protected with the same zeal as we persecute, though perhaps without the disgusting vicarious glee, then we might prevent pain. But once every celebrity is crucified on the wood of the Yewtree, how much will have been done to safeguard the next generation. We may foam at the mouth because old men got thrills decades ago, but we still step-over children we have failed on our way to buy our next media fix. This witch hunt may sell paper, but it won’t leave us any safer.

Worrying over things you can't change is so much less work...
Worrying over things you can’t change is so much less work…

The court is not a place for therapy or closure, it is meant to weigh the evidence and provide a decision, not operate on intuition, instead it is becoming a tool to provide what the public want with little regard for what might be right for anyone.

Today's satire is tomorrows sad truth
Today’s satire is tomorrows sad truth

Meanwhile adults are made infants and encouraged to surrender autonomy, please, please, make a victim of me, cursed willingly by a disorder declared incurable, a past once dismissed now named unendurable.

Meanwhile child protection agencies are more interested in securing funds than actually protecting our little ones and have made a fetish of victimhood, doing no-one any good. They join the police despite having no training as if moral indignation were enough to ensure sense and proper recompense.

Meanwhile children starve as their parents lose benefits because they won’t take jobs that don’t exist, and landlords evict when the poor can’t pay for an extra room or downsize any time soon.

Meanwhile children lose hope because even they can see that our government is a joke and there’s little future for those born in the wrong postcode, no power left in a vote and our spiritual values have choked.

As it has always been, so it will always be
As it has always been, so it will always be

Meanwhile children grow bored in classes which ignore their dreams and thoughts, insisting on them listing names and dates of famous faces and places which none of them can hope to emulate or see. Stop playing and read this back to me.

Meanwhile children are effectively orphans because prices rise while wages grow poorer, rents and mortgages go up and energy bills inflate while benefits stagnate and mum and dad are at work late, every day takes them away until the real danger is that the stranger is your kin and there’s no parenting save for the idiot box that gibbers them into short attention spans and ambitions small as a grain of sand.

In my day we learned about equality, democracy and human rights...
In my day we learned about equality, democracy and human rights…

Meanwhile in a thousand real senses children are defenceless against a corruption that is bone deep in society and left untreated because we are over-heated by an obsession which only distracts us from the conditions that create this harm, the real problem not found in any one man, however much a star, but in the very way we are.

And at last Operation Yewtree makes sense... it was a Conservative policy all along.
And at last Operation Yewtree makes sense…

53 thoughts on “A drive-by fountain of despair and hate…

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    1. ‘Conservatives in our governments!’ Cheap shot, wise one from the ivory tower! Guess you’re into books and theory, with still a bit of mush in your head — try stepping away from the trees so you can see the forest! Better yet, take a good long look at history…

      1. Now Mr Chitwood – I hope you’re not assailing the nice readers of my blog! Any ranting must be at the Panda!

        BroadBlogs is right and wrong, as are you! (as am I!)
        Much of the trouble is down to ‘conservatism’ in it’s modern political incarnation – both in and out of politics.
        Conservatism is no longer ‘careful’, but has become decidedly uncaring.
        The notion that cutting spending and reducing welfare will save the economy. Actually, it will just dig a different hole. Reducing aid for other countries while continuing to subsidise big business. Persecuting the poor and allowing corporations to dodge tax. etc.
        But conservatism is only one brand of self-interest bred by the focus of modern society away from the human and onto ‘productivity’. The machine we created to enable commerce and freedom has become almost the sole focus for our existence in the west. Our liberator is now our enslaver – but this is down to a dialectical process, fed both by those in and those out of power.
        We are all ultimately responsible.

      2. “Different Shades Of Reality” – That’s my new post, Panda, at http://goo.gl/ZCRtU – take a peek at my humble thoughts… You’re right, sarky but a tender soul! AND, you are a master wordsmith! – who can also be sarky… No matter the subject, my best wishes always come to you…

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