Sorry guys – I’m not dead yet!! Oh, and what bloody sunshine!

Will not, shall not grow up! Neh!
Will not, shall not grow up! Neh!

Well, it’s been a long time. If my manhood was that extended maybe my marriage would have survived!!

Yep, all this time away has not made me civilised.

I apologise for my vacation – suddenly having one’s life drain down the pan is not always a joy.

What I have had is first hand experience of the ruination of our country – yay! A short spell on the dole may not be much compared to some, but it’s enough to show me that the reality is not as our Government would paint it.

Alice Wall
The 2013 Conservative Party morality group meeting. DC has his finger well and truly on the pulse. (Photo credit: Astronomer)

Some time ago a panel declared that the absolute minimum a person could survive on was £142 a fortnight. Then time passed. After below inflation rises for two years Dave C has decided we should pay 25% of our council tax as well. If you have a spare room and refuse to move into the smaller houses that don’t exist then you’ll lose about £14 from your rent too.

So your £142 a fortnight – remember this is the minimum a panel decided one could live on – is now £127. Add to this the 6% rise in energy, 3% rise in food prices etc. paired with just a 1% rise in benefits and those on welfare are now living well below the poverty line. And Cameron accuses them of wanting to stay there.

I’m lucky. I seem to have found a job. However, only begging and borrowing from relations has enabled me to afford to look for work. After all, I can’t just pay the train fare, I now have to pay the extra which goes towards the unearned and undeserved bonuses for rail bosses after another disastrous year. As for the Job-centre, they and their ancillary services have been less use than a poop soup bowl.

Now I can only pray that I earn enough to pay for private healthcare – since as of 1/4/2013, the Government has in a disguised and quiet way sold the NHS. The NHS is being forced to tender to the private sector under rules within which it cannot compete. More yay.

Cameron grumbles about the scroungers in our country. Perhaps some do ‘scrounge’ a welfare check that no longer enables them to feed their family healthy food, will never allow them holidays abroad or a reliable car. Meanwhile Cameron is born into money, which pays for his elite education, gets handed work through nepotism and is then hauled up the ladder by the monied ‘boys club’ that our festering politics has become. I guarantee if he’d been born poor in Chiswick he would not be prime-minister today.

I knew the rhetoric was sounding familiar...
I knew the rhetoric was sounding familiar…

Now he has not just a spare room but a spare home, earns more than most of us could hope for and will doubtless get a peerage or a lords seat to ensure a lifetime of privilege, along with the hundreds who sit in luxury only because of who their father was. These people have no concept of what it means to worry about meeting the bills, let alone going hungry to pay the rent. So who’s the real scrounger? Those living off the shit and waste of the rich, or those living on champagne and self-righteousness?

In the coming weeks I hope to get fully back on my feet. I’m housed again, self-employed and my first bits of work are arriving. Once I can breathe again I can return to all of those blends loyal, desperate or bored enough to remember I was ever here!!

This is why snail-mail will never die! You can't email a turd.
This is why snail-mail will never die! You can’t email a turd.

Finally – it seems I have been accosted in my absence by an award from Rabbit. I should do my sarcastic best to respond, but in all honesty – Cameron has shafted everyone far better than I ever could. So what the hell, thanks Alice, we could all use a little sunshine right now…

Love to all 🙂


39 thoughts on “Sorry guys – I’m not dead yet!! Oh, and what bloody sunshine!

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  1. I had wondered about your departure, you have been missed. I shall stay clear of the political agenda and hope that now you are self-employed are able to battle through the previous shite and get well and truly back on your feet. I too am out of work right now, just over a week and already going ‘spare’ – I cannot have benefits because my partners salary is in the ‘higher bracket’. I do understand without getting too deep here about the Politicians who have no concept about living on a minimal wage or benefits and they need to live the life of those who do to fully comprehend that what they rule and speak is bullshit. Yes, there are many that take advantage and refuse to work whilst others try so desperately hard to seek employment but require assistance until they find it. Whoops get off my soap box …not bad considering I wasn’t going to get into it. 😉

    Welcome back Mr. P, I am sure we all are looking forward to your ‘humorous and not so’ posts in the future. Take Care.

    1. Thanks Lady Rambles – It’s hard not to get into it, aint it! (But if it isn’t hard, you can’t get it in at all!!)
      I’m half back – still don’t have much time, but hoping this is a cactus and will survive on minimal water!!
      One day I’ll even have a chance to read everyone else – tsk tsk.
      What happened to your job? Somehow I find myself hoping you punched someone really annoying at work 😉
      For now, I send Panda Hugs.

      1. it may be the “same old rant” but good to see you are alive. As long as we can rant and rail at the heavens we know we are alive. 🙂

  2. Life has a way of sucking the shit right out of us, but, hey, at least that comes with a clean colon. Welcome back. May you be able to stay.

  3. Panda, sweet Panda.
    So GLAD you’re back. Penis humor right off the bat. YAY.

    Condolences on the sell-out of your NHS. It will suck worse and be more expensive than you ever imagined. No money equals no care equals dead over here. Profit trumps everything in the private sector. Get ready to have your medical system sucked dry.

    Our inflation and unemployment rates are being cooked up with statistical manipulations. No jobs here. Homes foreclosing. Businesses shuttering. Homeless families in the streets. Students graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and no jobs. But the stock market’s at an all time high. Did I say no jobs? No jobs. Our corporate-owned media calls this economic recovery.

    The only reason for me to feel hopeful about all this is that Panda’s still alive to speak truths.


    1. Thank you so much Alice, what a welcome!
      We are in thrall to a hundred Marie Antoinettes! No wonder they don’t realise how screwed it all is, their still eating cake!
      I have so much to rant about, but still need a little recovery time – so see you soon 😀
      Mr P

      1. Mr. P. There is SO MUCH to rant about. This is one of the things I enjoy about the current evil situation the world is in. No shortage of material. I look forward to reading your next post but shall keep pecking away in the meantime. Alice

      1. Nooo! You can’t be concerned about my waterworks, not with everything that you have going on! To answer your question they are for the most part fixed – the house still standing, haven’t had to read “Ark Building for Dummies” or anything like that so am doing okay in that dept. How about you?? Have been thinking about you a lot and hoping everything’s all right or at least as good as it can be. You can email if you would like.

  4. 🙂 Yay – Panda returns!!! Its lover-ly to have you back with us!

    (And just so you know – I’ve looked for you, but I came here today specifically to leave you a message for when you got back… that today JCC was channeling you and wrote about poo! lol)

    1. The balance must be maintained – with no Panda to soak up the cosmic smut, it was bound to start infecting others… I will try and produce some soon, before an epidemic!

  5. I have missed your waggling todgerisms!

    Don’t know how anyone is surviving in the UK.

    My sister is currently trapped in a Catch-22 benefit situation that you’ll love – it epitomises the RoS. First time she’s ever claimed anything, and it’s for disability as her kidneys stopped working last September and at the same time her husband left her for another woman. So, she is on dialysis three days a week from 8-2 at her local hospital, fatigued and you know, ill with kidney disease, awaiting a transplant!

    She has been refused disability because it’s only available to kidney patients who have their own dialysis machine at home (massive wating list for these). Because of her situation (i.e single parent – the patient has to have an adult living them if they are to get home dialysis) and medical complications, even if there was a machine available, she would not be able to receive one. She is simply too ill to get disability benefit!

    1. Holy crap! Yep, that’s exactly the sort of thing that’s happening everywhere.
      Can I have a loan to start a business – only if your earning enough to pay it back – But I’m STARTING a business?
      Benefit cuts for people who refuse to move into houses that don’t exist, or take jobs that aren’t there.
      The benefit cuts are to save money, yet the government calls for increased pay for ministers who already average £64k!
      I could live with all the crap if it was just distributed evenly…

      Anyway – I hope your sister finds some way to cope, it sounds awful.
      My best to you too Mrs Ginger 😀

  6. Just thought I’d say “Hi!” to old friends, not knowing you’d been off radar. Welcome back, Barnda(Bard+Panda). What work d’you do? I see you haven’t lost much of your poetic touch/form. Nice you have been working out.

  7. Panda, so good to see you on here – you were missed.
    I hope you will find the strength to work through this rough patch – it is a relief to see you on here.
    Best of luck to you, good Sir!

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