Awards and unexpected things

Some have considered me to lack respect for awards
Some have considered me to lack respect for awards

Those of you twisted enough to have been reading this blog for a while may remember my normal, splenetic response to awards. However, not wanting to become predictable, I’ve decided to do things a little differently.

It will not have gone unnoticed that I shifted from posting at least once a day to only once a week. I can’t help but feel some of the giggles have gone also, and a more serious political tone has crept in – although there’s always the stupid cartoons to save the day!

Ah - mindless swearing always lightens the mood
Ah – mindless swearing always lightens the mood

Ponderinspawned nominated me for the Versatile Blogger. He is himself versatile, poetic and philosophical, and I recommend you pop round and say hi. His nomination seems as good a time as any to tell folks what’s going on with me. If you couldn’t give a shit, do feel free to stop reading now and spend your valuable time doing something more interesting!

The award asks for 7 things about you, but just because I’m not ranting doesn’t meant I’m a total pansy – down with rules! Here’s a mini-biog instead.

I’m fairly intelligent and creative, but thanks to various circumstances I never developed the ‘go for it’ gene. In part I’m a hippy and have never wanted to chase money or success, but I also started very late in life because I lacked confidence. On the other hand I’ve done tons of drugs, been in therapy, studied philosophy, English, poetry, writing and Buddhism, drunk my fill and generally expanded and abused my mind. I have also been lucky to marry the most magnificent woman in the world, the other half of my dyadic singularity, and have beautiful children.

Sadly I've ended up poor AND stupid
Sadly I’ve ended up poor AND stupid

RuleofStupid began as a chance to put thoughts “on paper”, but it’s also been a test-bed for my writing. About two months in I developed some sort of mania, turned into a Panda and got rather carried away with the rants – which began the ‘anti-award’ fierceness.

I have now given back my chemistry set... never again
I have now given back my chemistry set… never again

Now I am moving into more of a middle-place, part serious, part humorous.

Well - all life is a narrative anyway...
Well – all life is a narrative anyway…

My blog was intended as a place to escape life. Many people blog about themselves, but I wanted to blog to get away from the every-day stuff. This is why, aside from obliquely talking about my life through poetry, I haven’t talked about life or family much.

I’m not going to turn my Blog into a forensic biography, but I wanted to explain why it is I’ve gone from commenting on everyone’s posts daily, to just not being around. This blog will remain my place to get away from the turd-bag-of-life, not somewhere I force everyone to smell my pooh!!

This is then an unlikely to be repeated or expanded upon ‘glimpse’. Ooh, you lucky people!

Freud has much to answer for - not least that I slept with my mother... it didn't help anything!
Freud has much to answer for – not least that I slept with my mother… it didn’t help anything!

After almost two decades of working in a field where I advise every kind of emotional wreck how to repair their lives, I find myself having to take my own advice. There is a list of the biggest stressors in life – buying a house, losing your house, a death in the family, losing your job, divorce, debt, a new baby, there are more. My life has included four of these recently. It has improved my blues guitar no end!

Despite being terribly clever, I have been the author of my own misfortune really – a lack of ‘go for it’ and a penchant for anal-gazing. In part this is why I’m now concentrating on writing a book, because if I can write about them, somehow this will give meaning to the losses.

It’s going to take a while to get back on my feet, and meanwhile I’m rather selfishly posting (because it’s a vent) but not reading much (because I’ve used all my spare time writing!). I hope I shall be forgiven 🙂

My prize for 'Most Depressing Award Speech' was disappointing.
My prize for ‘Most Depressing Award Speech’ was disappointing.

I imagine I have just set some sort of record for the most depressing response to a blogging award ever. It feels good to achieve!

Now: I have a Great Blogs page – which admittedly I haven’t updated to include some new blog-friends, but many are there. All the same I wanted to say thanks. All these people deserve an award, but I still don’t like the whole ‘pyramid’ thing. This is me saying thanks for sticking with my blog despite my not visiting yours much lately – with no obligation whatsoever. Do go and say hello.

rarasaur – who has helped me grow my blog, invited me to help admin her blog detective game and had me guest on her blog. All that’s left is a look at her dangly bits and we’ve done it all!!

waywardspirit – who is clearly messed up in the head, but also reads all my stuff and always has something odd to say about it!

broadblogs – because she writes on serious and difficult subjects – they are not crowd pleasers, but they are very well researched, important and she deserves to be read.

billyray – who is a (self-confessed) old fart, but talks a lot of sense too and has been a loyal and kind commenter.

Spokenheart – she has had some hard times, one or two from me (no, not that way), but she is wiser and stronger than she realises and puts it into her posts.

Alice Keys – also mentioned because she has debated with me in comments on RoS despite my dreadful failure to reciprocate at her house like a polite blogger should.

Lynette – Lynette has been through some interesting times and if your good with water-works she might need your help!

Alice atwonderland – I seem to like people who are a bit mental, and Alice, who’s a lot mental!

Carl-Dagostino – Does some quirky cartoons and also has made some very insightful comments on my posts

WarmGinger – Who talks a lot of sense, although I have neglected her only to find she has been through troubles of her own. Sending some love your was Ginger.

There are at least a dozen more I’d like to mention, but I have to stop somewhere.

Peace to all


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