The distance between what is and what should be

For the first few months of this Blog I posted all the time, sometimes several posts in a day. Alas life has changed somewhat and I am struggling to post once or twice a week.

We can dream can't we!
We can dream can’t we!

I’m sure that things will swing back the other way at some point – but I wanted to let people know in case they thought I was ignoring them! I’m going to try for quality instead of quantity, and we’ll see how that works out!

This is what life is like sometimes, and it makes me rather sad – not just about blogging – but because it’s emblematic of how things can be.

There is a golden glade, filled with our laughing children, our partners, books, guitars, all our loves and joys. Sure, this glade requires work, to tend the gardens, maintain the home, feed the brood and all the rest – but such work is directly linked to our loves – its purpose is clear and so the motivation is high.

This may be an exaggeration - most couples both go to work!
This may be an exaggeration – most couples both go to work!

Then there is work, debt, bills, duties and taxes. At first a job is our way of tending our loves, to pay the bills and keep our roof. But slowly, inevitably, and more and more extremely in these times of recession it takes over. Wages enable us to keep our roof, but work keeps us apart from everything that matters in life, until we realise we haven’t picked up the guitar in a month, can’t remember our sons favourite colour, the bed has become only for sleeping in…

I have been lucky and have spent some time in the glade. Now I feel the pull, the stretch of separation as new work demands begin to hold us all apart again. I can’t help during times like these but to ask if this is really the kind of world I would invent if given the choice.

Then I ask just who would invent this kind of world?

Sadly God is only infallible in hindsight - much like the rest of us...
Sadly God is only infallible in hindsight – much like the rest of us…

I can’t imagine anyone wanting things this way – yet somehow having created the world as it is, we deny the possibility of now creating it better – of being wiser in how we build.

By way of not ending on too sad a note – meet my new gravatar… suggestions for his pet name are welcome πŸ™‚

Not so fierce - but somehow just as disturbing!!
Not so fierce – but somehow just as disturbing!!

68 thoughts on “The distance between what is and what should be

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  1. Yes, it’s hard to keep up. I’ve just returned home after a work assignment in another city (& having gotten very sick with something nasty called norovirus) to find my reader incredibly full and the guilt for having announced that I would be continuing to read incredibly high … one does what one can. As to your new look, well, I have to say that it reminds me a little of Mickey Mouse. I think I prefer fierce Panda, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do πŸ™‚

    1. When I made the new face it made me laugh – but seems to have disturbed most people 😦 I may have to consider some cosmetic surgery!
      I think we can relax – there are clearly two worlds in here: the odd-blogger and the blog-o-holic. We have joined the odd-bloggers!

  2. You are h-u-m-a-n???

    This humanly side is a bit unbefitting on you.

    This is disturbing mildly -you are right. But, question: does it reveal as much about you as the previous gravatar did?
    (By the way, till today, I still look at your header image with renewed fascination.)

  3. Oh, and amusing we both are experiencing similar menstrual cycles. I also started out posting everyday (but having precociously matured, I knew better than to post more than once a day -in context of my kind/category of writing). Now, just seeing a crack through my writer’s block, I am resolving to devote more time to quality and just struggle to post one or two a week. Heck I’m busy already being a doctor. Happily, I’m still a bachelor. Phew!

  4. Ahhh my panda ‘blend’. as seems to so often happen we have synchronised! I certainly understand ‘life’ getting in the way. I was recently unemployed and thought I’d be all over wordpress during that time but just couldn’t do it as there were other things more pressing (begging recruiters on bended knee included) and less ‘things’ to write about. Using your fave word there a bunch, just to keep you happy. The stupid thing is, I knew I would be happier if I posted but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So my suggestion is therefore to do not what I do, and POST!

      1. It has thank you, and naturally, once I got one job I got a dozen other offers, and once I had something to do all day I suddenly felt I could find time to blog again. Weird old world and/or brain!

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