Paid Passage – A Poem

Some have the price of
pristine virginity
and rise obscenely

don't think I wouldn't

but I can only afford
to take you
as tired as I

marked by every touch

once you are mine
you give too easily
for loyalty

I have seen you
in another's hands
the beds of strangers
fingered by spittled tips
I have seen you
opening without complaint
spread on a table
pushed against shelves
I have seen you
on some floor

but then I
have had you and
so many like you
so many yet

we never speak of such things

sometimes you tease, but
you do not hold back the truth
to spare my feelings
choose your words each time
to please me
you are yourself and regret nothing
if I do not like you for it
you have only one story
and that is all you will tell me

all you tell
so many like you
so many yet

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