Don’t deceive with belief – Reprise!

I recently saw an amazing and harrowing film called The House I Live In. It’s a documentary about the “war on drugs” in America and it shows several things very clearly.

A seconds thought tells you it cannot be a war on drugs
A seconds thought tells you it cannot be a war on drugs

1. The war on drugs is a lie. It is, and has always been, a disguised way to persecute minorities.

13% of Crack Cocaine users are African Americans

90% of Crack convictions are African Americans

2. The war on drugs is and always will be a failure.

Since 1971 the war on drugs has cost over $1 trillion and resulted in 45 million arrests. During that time illegal drug use has remained unchanged.

How much fun would that be! - "Shoot him!" - "No way man, I'm making a bong out of this rifle!"
How much fun would that be! – “Shoot him!” – “No way man, I’m making a bong out of this rifle!”

3. The war has distorted policing to the point where it is now more like social extermination.

One expert commented that we may as well just kill the bottom percentage of society, because that is more or less the effect of current drug policy. It is “a holocaust in slow motion.”

4. Politicians know all this but cannot stop the war on drugs.

they have so convinced the voting public that drugs are a cause of evil that any campaign to change the war would see the politician voted out. They are trapped into perpetuating their own lie.

It’s hard to believe that drugs used to be openly available in shops.

Today I open the newspaper to see that experts across the country are telling Osbourne to change UK financial policy because his current actions are likely to cripple the UK.

Osbourne has said no.

More recently Gove ignored every experts advice and is now setting about destroying our education system.

All these problems are caused by people believing things which are not true. Just as mercury was once used in medicine, and with the best of intentions the doctor killed his patient, so now we are murdered by those who may even believe they are helping.

Hurrah for moral relativism!
Hurrah for moral relativism!

The worst of it is that they cannot be stopped, because the hardest thing in the world to kill is a belief.

With all this error in the world we need something better to believe in, and that’s where you come in. What beliefs can we use to replace the harmful nonsense that currently pollutes the minds of our leaders?

If you could plant one unshakeable belief into one persons head, what would it be and who?

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40 thoughts on “Don’t deceive with belief – Reprise!

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  1. Hmmm–one thought in one person’s head? Dammit, that’s so limiting. OK, here we go. I would like to plant the idea that everyone–male, female, gay, straight, black, brown, yellow, pink, purple is a person who has the same rights and needs as he does into the current speaker of our house of reps.

  2. I would make everyone believe the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There would be immediate consequences such as hair catching on fire or violent vomiting for infractions.

  3. You’re missing the important profit motive in our “war on drugs”. We have an ENORMOUS private for-profit prison “industry” in this country. We imprison both higher numbers (1.6 million) and at a higher rate than any other country in the world. We preferentially imprison racial minorities and the poor. There’s no one to speak up for them.

    he “war on drugs” feeds prison system. Our taxes pay the bill. The private shareholders take home profits.

    Please Panda. Write a rant about the rest of this story. Make it sound funny so people will read it. Don’t let your country go down this path.It only gets bigger and uglier.

    Oops. I think I just had a tiny rant on your post. Just a small smudge if I wipe it up with bleach.

    And yes. I enjoyed your post very much.

    1. Yes! It is profit driven, as the film so eloquently shows… I had intended to write more deeply about the film and its issues and still may… crikey, how I wish that my writing about it could make a difference, but I fear the UK has already begun its descent.
      Rants are always welcome here! Thank you for commenting so astutely, and fulminating so accurately 😀

      1. Rants are one of my specialties. I can even rant in haiku (what a useless job skill). 😉 Thanks for encouraging me. I hope to grow more persuasive ranting skills with practice.

        I believe (among other things that may include talking trees) that words create the world. Your writing makes a difference. My writing makes a difference. Especially your comedy approach makes a difference. This slips in the message before the garage door of the listener’s intellect slams shut on you. Keep ’em laughing with the windows to their souls open to new ideas.

        Keep writing. I learn at your furry panda feet.

  4. Ooh, a tough one. I tend to bore my kids with phrases like: ‘make sure you put good into the world, not bad’ or ‘doing the right thing isn’t always easy’. But an unshakeable belief? I would probably want people to always shake their beliefs – they’ll either get stronger or something they hadn’t thought of will fall out.

  5. The reason religions and wars go hand-in-hand is that they are both moralizing and seek to eliminate something or someone. Neither are beneficial. A great call-out on the “war on drugs”. Politicians are the masters of deception claiming their policies and actions are for one thing when they knowingly accomplish something else.

    1. You know – more and more I’m coming to think that the problem is less that politicians are deliberate bastards, and more that they believe their own bullshit. There’s a notion that we are famously unable to organise for shit – so why do we assume ‘they’ can organise world-spanning conspiracies? I do think it more likely they are misguided idiots than evil geniuses! 😉

  6. Found one this evening that I think I could plant in everyone’s head as an unshakeable belief (see, I even challenged my own unshakeable belief from earlier): Every problem, except death, has a solution.
    Forgot to say earlier how much I too loved this post. 🙂

    1. I like the idea of shaking beliefs out of peoples hair (like salt cellars!)
      I’m an idealistic idiot – I don’t believe there are problems other than ones we create by being selfish – it’s not about solving problems, it’s about not being greedy, nasty, self-serving, ignorant etc. Clean our own act up and all the other problems go away!

      1. I believe it’s not physical abuse, but the absence of love that creates the deepest pain. Physical abuse is the external expression of something much, much deeper and harder to pin-point. How come we can’t arrest someone for emotional abuse?

        When people are loved and they know it, they experience a sense of well-being and wholeness and don’t have the need to hurt other people.

        I think, instead of fighting our F***ed up system, we could use our vast energy to help others see that they are in fact good enough, they have what it takes and they are unconditionally loved. Regardless of drugs, prison, homelessness, craziness, etc. etc. all those things that make society reject other people….

      2. I agree with one and two – but I think to help people see they are good enough we must fight the system, which operates precisely through the mechanism of telling us we are not good enough!

  7. I LOVE you guys!

    Captivated by this world, this morning I sat down in my fav yellow chair at my usual coffee shop
    Forgot to get coffee.
    The house brought me my coffee
    For free.
    Describes what here at RuleOfStupid and company feels like-an extension of my here and now world of wonder friends.
    You bring me coffee, too.

    So today

    Bring Your Own Mug

    Here, You: raw sugar, honey, agave, half and half, milk, skim, soy

    *pours steaming coffee*

  8. Oooh that is a delicious question. I’m gonna have to play devil’s advocate and say that I’d like to remove ALL ‘unshakeable beliefs’ as I think having beliefs that you’re not willing to examine and question and modify when you receive new information is a massive problem that holds us back. People used to have an ‘unshakeable belief’ that the earth was the centre of the universe, and we all know how that turned out! The Westboro Baptists have an ‘unshakeable belief’ that non-heteros are evil and I’m pretty sure anyone reading your blog would feel secretly happy if they all just went up to Heaven without us as they keep threatening!

      1. Ah
        Here you are.
        : ) !!!
        Glad you could make it!
        No sweat. I was late too.
        Haven’t been here long.
        So do you take brewed or espresso?
        You are looking real good. Just like old times.
        Saw the first half of a Warren Beatty film called REDS. The fibe and all reminded me of all the fun and goings on here at Rule…and of having coffee.
        I bet everyone misses your conversation as much as I do.
        *Adds five sugar in the raw and fresh cream*
        Bright original minds take a sebatical to grow often.
        I have just been waiting for this cup a joe at our usual spot. Take your time with lifes puzzle.
        Ahhh this is good….

      2. Hi Way 🙂 I feel like I just walked through your mind a little in that comment – what a great (and lightly crazy) place. I’m a straight up Panda – black, standard coffee for me. I brought some biscuits 😀 Always lovely to share a moment in the cafe.

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