Creative Cookery – A Poem – Acrostic

Professionals Only Pontificate

In Theory It’s Not
The Humbly Educated
Opining Vaguely, Ending Nicely
Who Access Ingenious Thought

Amateurs Never Dissect
Ideas Tidily

But Authors Know Every Single
Voice Offers Inspiration
Lovingly Accepted

Not Offering Theories
Starves Poets Eventually And
Knowledge Is Not Gained

Helping Enthusiastically Lends People Sagacity
Nourishing Ourselves
Originating Novel Expression



21 thoughts on “Creative Cookery – A Poem – Acrostic

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  1. A creatively ripe offering simply tells it cryptically. That’s it since all linear links left effectively full tummy!
    (Wow! I would hate to make a living doing this!) – Thanks for doing damage to the few remaining chunks of brain. 🙂

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