Kill and cure – A Poem

These are my final moments

I am driving to save you
From the burnt-foul animal
That stole your sleep
Emptied your ribs

When the truck grows

Perspective explodes, I lose
Control, watch the cab
Tangle up cables
Tear down buildings

Become destruction

Streets swell as if in recoil
I have a mile two miles ten miles
Of ribbon roads which rear
And twist serpentine flesh

I can only jump clear

Shield my head, lunge for home
Tower blocks burst and spray
Shimmering razor-hail
As I reach shelter and you

For a moments hope

Then realise I am cut
Feel the burns in my sides and back
And pull inches of glass from my thigh
We watch as I empty

Those were my final moments

As I drew the shard
There was almost no pain
Until I saw reflected in its bloody shine
The burnt-foul face was mine


This is basically the dream I woke from this morning. I may have to change my prescriptions!

9 thoughts on “Kill and cure – A Poem

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    1. It was one of those you wake from thinking “holy shit, where did that come from,” and it takes a while to ‘come back to normal’ (haha, like I’m normal!)

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