Ya’aburnee – A Poem

A response to the poetry prompt HERE


You leave with promises

We know are faithfully sworn

And feckless

Such is the tear in my heart

That a droplet-necklace of red

Connects us

Even when you pass over

The horizon

I grow an iron skin

To halt the aching

But it traps the tears

The bleeding

Until the rust

Eats through

And I burst with longing

For you

A decade of unholy want

Spills forth

I’m calling to you my love

Across a bloody ocean

23 thoughts on “Ya’aburnee – A Poem

Add yours

    1. Perhaps I didn’t understand it as you wrote it, but I understood it for myself, it resonated – and I was moved by it. Isn’t that what poetry should do?
      Enough self-deprecation Poppet – or there’ll be nothing left for me to take the piss out of! 😈

    1. Gorgeous isn’t it – I found it while looking up Moby’s shara.. thing I can’t remember!
      I have tried 20 themes and now I want to kill someone!! IP is ok as it is – let’s just run with it, and I’ll tart it up more when I’ve calmed down!
      Would you like to do an about page? Then we can start inviting 🙂

    2. Too tired to go on! I think we’ve got a good pool of folk to do IronP, not too many to start. Thank you for being with me in starting this up – feels pretty special, trying new ways to really connect people. More mumbling tomorrow 😀

  1. this is so gorgeous! especially the third stanza… it’s so full of imagery and i can’t get over how much i love the “iron skin” and the rust eating through… so delicious!

    1. Thank you E, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d say something more eloquent, but I’m weirded out by being joined by two different people called ‘E’ this week!
      Is this a new movement!?!?

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