Distant Friends – A Poem

I want to sit with you

And share brandy

As we laugh about

Our memories

And feel the warmth

Of log-fire bodies

In proximity

And friendship

But we will never meet

And the elastic

Frustrated glorious

Can’t be

Is perhaps what makes we

But it kills me

For I am swollen with loving

Only possibly


The world is insane and I'm in writing therapy!

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39 comments on “Distant Friends – A Poem
  1. mobius faith says:

    A nice sense of saudade here.

  2. Of log fire bodies – simply stunning.
    Longing and wishing…

    • ruleofstupid says:

      WTF are you doing awake! Do you never rest πŸ˜‰
      Thank you, 24hr Rambly πŸ˜€

      • You are pretty close to an all-night awake guy yourself, Panda. Your lack of commitment to sleep could only be matched by my own. However, my lack of interest in sleep and equal interest in writing late led to a friendship with someone close to 8000 miles away of the sort that makes me understand fully the concept of saudade I just read up on, courtesy of Terry, not to mention your amazing poem. Friendships like the ones you describe are all the more sweet and bitter because of what stands between them. Enjoy what is and do not be racked by the could have been.

      • ruleofstupid says:

        Bless you Susan. You were the inspiration for the poem. It is a wonderful word isn’t it – capturing something aching and poignant.
        I do count the blessings as best I can, but poems about being okay with stuff tend to be quite dull!
        I’ve never been close companions with sleep – I find my best work happens in a half-light – from lack of sleep, presence of alcohol or just general bewilderment!

      • Oh, oh, oh–please NEVER write a poem about being okay with stuff, it would be SO dull. Well, if it’s you writing it, it would be beautifully dull, at least.

        Me? Oh, that is so…je ne sais quois (again, English fails), but that is such a wonderful and undeserved thing–that I could inspire something this beautiful. Thanking you so much for sharing it.

        Sending you a hug…hope it is still freshly baked when it gets to you. Dammit. You should be my next door neighbor. So that’s who you are–my neighbor who happens to love across a bloody ocean!

      • oops, that is LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, please fix that πŸ˜‰

      • ruleofstupid says:

        Nope, leaving it – come on Sue – next challenge is to write a poem with the line “to love across a bloody ocean” in it!
        I suppose we should be thankful. If I was next door they’d find our corpses one day, starved to death over a pile of reference books despite having a cupboard full of food!

      • LOL, you are right (as always). Some friendships are formed across miles for very good reasons πŸ˜‰

        Damn, I can write lots about loving across oceans, if you want to make it a prompt.

      • ruleofstupid says:

        Crabcakes has suggested saudade, planning ahead…
        I think if we have theme – Saudade, future tense, the line “love across a bloody ocean” in it. If you agree I’ll do an announcing post.
        Incidentally, Crabcake also did the body prompt and it’s really good, you must read πŸ™‚

      • Oh, dammit, you know I am in. Saudade it is, and love across a bloody ocean. Story of my life πŸ˜‰

      • I DO have one suggestion–can we be made to use apostrophe in it too? Not the possessive, the absence πŸ˜‰

      • ruleofstupid says:

        Okay, but when people bitch me out for making really hard prompts – you take a half of it! πŸ˜‰

      • Will do. Heh. We’ll consider it a literary curveball instead of a culinary one (reference to Iron Chef), and just call ourselves the Iron Poets, shall we?

      • and yes, that poem ROCKED it.

      • It’s 8.13pm ..of course I slept…sortta…

  3. merbear74 says:

    I am so confused with the time differences. It’s already 2013 across the ocean.

  4. merbear74 says:

    Another great poem, btw. πŸ™‚

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    tis lovely Mr. Panda. I see we all have the insomniac gene..

  6. smiles…. I really enjoyed this one Panda dear…

  7. Teeny Bikini says:

    Beautiful. Happy New Year.

  8. Archana says:

    Happy new year ROS!

  9. Ok so what are the times? I am so confused everyone is awake it seems?

  10. Feelin’ it Panda. I think this kind of “bitter-sweetness” is part of growing.

    Perhaps we should celebrate this Day of Saudade–(google led me from wiki to Mr. Mobius himself)–Jan. 30–with a plan-ahead prompt? Make it International.

    • ruleofstupid says:

      Hmm. Made a casual challenge for Sue, who typo’d the idea in my comments – next challenge is to write a poem with the line β€œto love across a bloody ocean” in it.
      Maybe on the theme of Saudade? – How do we announce that to Kellogg, Mimsy, Rambly, Face et al?

      • Ok–Maybe we need to start a whole new blog (crazy?) where each prompt can appear as a post, and all responses/replies can be put into the comments under said post-prompts….
        Call it “Iron Poets”–man, that sounds bad-ass! Or at least makes US sound bad ass…or just makes us sound like we think we’re bad-ass…

      • ruleofstupid says:

        haha! It’s the thought that counts!
        Have been thinking it might make sense to do something to make it easier to notify everyone. Managing a whole blog? Sounds like the start of a new Trifecta, Haiku heights etc. type thing.
        At the risk of sounding childish – big jobs! πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, can’t say I want that job, but….this thing has really got me going and growing and IT’S growing and catching and…

    • Could be co-managed too. More than one admin.
      Oh, yeah…Waaaaaah!

  11. Wow, again. Happy New Year, RoS.

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