The nuts and a squirrel – The infinite poetry challenge!

I apologise that I missed Ramblys prompt. A group of us, Rambly, Susan, Prayer, Mimsy, Kellogg have been playing poetry games, and this is one of the prompts.

The words required were Salt, River and Book, the theme infinite possibilities. I’m in a sad love poem mood, so here is my effort.

Bottoming out

I cried until the river
Was deep enough
That I might sail back

But it was arid
With you gone
Tears dried to salt

And I closed
The book
On love

22 thoughts on “The nuts and a squirrel – The infinite poetry challenge!

Add yours

      1. Thank you JC. There was some great work from these prompts and the whole ‘community of poets’ vibe was fantastic 🙂
        Let’s have some more surreal, horny wildlife poetry free-for-alls in 2013 😀

    1. Thank you Rambly – for some reason I started writing poetry when I was a kid – and never stopped. I guess the practice has paid off.
      Your poetry is progressing apace, just keep at it, and write like you, no-one else 🙂 Imitate but never impersonate!

      1. Well it certainly shows – practice has made perfect.
        I shall write like me good bad or indifferent- I have learnt so much even the last couple of days. Thank you 🙂

        It’s 4 minutes to midnight here.
        HAPPY NEW YEAR MIKE – to you and yours… may all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled!
        Yep Jen is getting all soppy all of a sudden!

      2. Yep well the forecast is for bright and sunny later today so you should get out and get that tan going..oh wait you can’t…yes it is weird..oh the joys of the internet! Thank you Mr. P 🙂

      1. Panda,
        Been looking around a bit … took a second swing at the salt, river, book prompt. Will look around some more for another prompt 😀

        I’m U.S. / Eastern part of the dateline so still in 2012 right now…
        Sappy New Ears – For hearing new poetry of course 😀
        Trust 2013 will be a great year for you and yours…

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