Company for Christmas Statistics!!

In this Post. All the stats for C4C. Feedback from users. A competition to help shape the new C4C!!

Damn, you don’t deserve these excellent gifts I give…

…oh, go on then 🙂

I’m exhausted from the whole Xmas, C4C, kids, visits bewilderfest – but I wanted to try and give feedback while it’s fresh, so here’s a bleary-eyed summary of how C4C went.

Site hits on 25th – 284 from 64 visitors

Site hits on 26th – 428 from 50 visitors

That’s my UK stats, so it was 26th here while still the 25th in USA and Canada etc.

I deleted all the old comments before the day, and now there are 765 of them! Editing out feedback from you lovely people it leaves about 600 comments during the ‘event’!!

As of now there are 59 followers for C4C, and we finished with 24 signed up volunteers and about 6 who dropped by on the day! Yay!

Honestly, I’m kind of overwhelmed, and if I wasn’t so shit-damned tired I’d probably be peeing all over my Mac in joy!!

Sorry… had to go get a cloth… where were we?!

Oh yeah.

WIth a budget of zero pence and no idea at all what I was doing, I started a C4C Blog and wrote about it. A few short weeks later 30 bloggers gave freely of their time on Christmas day, 114 people came by and had 600 things to say as 59 followers listened in – and 87 people liked it (on the 25th alone)!

Panda will take more care next time he has a get-together!
Panda will take more care next time he has a get-together!

As for how volunteers felt about it, here’s a few comments:

  • Moments of sheer ecstasy, interspersed with long periods of delight.
  • Thanks for letting me take part of this and count on me for things like this in the future.
  • It was a fun crazy way to spend a couple of hours. I checked in after my inlaws left and enjoyed those hours more than, ahem, the earlier ones.
  • I met some VERY cool people, and would do it again even if I had to pay you!
  • I had a really positive experience on the site and I think you did a great job RoS, thankyou.
  • The hubby and I had a great time! As it turned out, he was sick that day and I had a work emergency… so we ended up on our own at Christmas. I guess that means you can add two more to that tally of volunteers-who-wanted-for-company.  So speaking as both the lonely, and the volunteers… I had a blast.
  • It was a great experience – thank you so much for thinking of it! I was thinking that having this site, perhaps renamed, as a moving blogging party for all holidays might be something to think about.
  • Looking forward to haunting old and new friends at C4C’s cocktail, pole side party chat next Christmas!

And purely for my own ego, they also said this:

  • Mr P what a legend you are…
  • Oh, and thank you, thank you for coordinating it all and thinking it up and being generally awesome, Panda.
  • A great job, Rule.
  • You did a magnificent job putting it together.. and I thank you…
  • Now, move your paw down to my special place you impossibly magnificent lover you.

Oops, sorry. That last one was Mrs Panda 😈

So, at last, we come to the competition!!

Several bloggers snorted cocaine from my shaved belly… No, bugger… that was the after-party…

Several bloggers suggested that Company for Christmas should be continued in some way. Instead of a blog for lonely people, it should just be a hang out where bloggers can come any-time.

Now, this sounds like a chat-room to me – which would lose something essential about blogging, so here’s a few questions. The best answers win a prize I haven’t even thought of yet, but which may involve flying fluids?

1 – Do we need a ‘Blog hangout’ or should we just go to a chat-room?

2 – What would be different about the Blog-hangout from a chat-room, why might we want it?

3 – How might it work (and you can be as technical as you like – I mean, I’d love to iFrame a chat-app, or might even consider buying a domain if there’s a WP app that could work? Self-hosted is there a flash or JAVA app, or anything on source forge? Ideas folks!!)

4 – Should we just start a campaign to get WordPress to make the damn thing?

5 – (And this is the main ‘competition question!!) What should it be called?

Now – go out my friends and tell the world – for we, the C4C posse are going to shake all that bloggers know and tear up the rules, ours will be a New Blog Order of harmonious magnificence!! Just as soon as I’ve had a nap… zzzzz 😉

32 thoughts on “Company for Christmas Statistics!!

Add yours

  1. well I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on. As for one thing though, my personal feelings only. If we just put it up full time for a chat room that kind of defeats the unique quality of the whole thing. To me. It was meant for holidays, to help some people cope through them. I liked that idea. Now I know some would say people get lonely and need someone to talk to all the time. I would agree. But you might need to think about getting your own website for that. Set up times that people would cover and go from there. Just my thoughts. I might come up with something better later when I can really think about it. It WAS an AWESOME experience and idea.

    1. 😀 It was cool wasn’t it! I get what you say – if it’s always there it’s not special. Also it can be taken over by a clique, and then those who need it might feel too intimidated to chat. Thanks for the feedback – it’s going to take a lot of thought.

  2. 1. Chat room – yes
    2. Less confusion?
    3. Not tech savvy so leaving that up to you.
    4. Yes
    5. C4CC Company 4 Christmas Chat (heck I dunno)
    Concluding – job well done by Mr. P hip hip hoorah and to all the other bloggers/volunteers/drop ins/participants.
    We can all give ourselves a little pat on the back for trying to accomplish something so worthwhile.
    Hugs to the Bear for his idea and getting it together (got a straw?)

  3. I already congratulated you for the fine job you did.
    As for the chat thing, I don’t think it would be such a great idea, I like the idea of being something seasonal, hoever, if to that seasonal thing a chat room could be added would make things easier for the “moderator” on call. But then you would have to buy the domain or pay the annual fee for the selfhosting.
    As I said on C4C you can count on me for whatever.
    As for the name, Mr. Panda Den
    I like it wild, oh yeah!

  4. You could leave it up for ALL holidays. Like it’s News Years and I only have the dog to kiss! Or it’s Valentines Day and that fucker just dumped me! Or it’s Easter and I lost the Baby Jesus! All holidays have potential misery all over them!

    1. Well aren’t we the ray of sunshine!
      Mind you, you kissed a dog at new year, who dumped you on valentines, ran away at Easter and was called Jesus – I guess you have a right to be cynical 🙂

  5. I read the other comments and I believe it would stay special if we have it up during key holidays and do the volunteer shift rotations again. There are several big holidays throughout the year that we can find enough to cover each month. I loved volunteering on Christmas Day and it’s a memory that will stay with me forever… We have more holidays coming up so count me in again for a shift. Thank You Panda, RoS, my co-volunteers, all our supporters, my family, the Academy Awards committee, God… Oops! Where am I? 😆

  6. I’m not feeling the chat room thing, but then, again, blogging is the only social media in which I participate, so I’m not a good gauge. How about calling it A Home For The Holidays – I always suck at acronyms, but something that gets that idea across throughout the year, maybe?

  7. I agree with the leading suggestion. Have it as a hang out for all worldwide holidays and events. At the moment there is no “forum” where WP bloggers can interact other than through individual blogs, so a chat facility would be great. For me personally, I’d love interaction that was less fragmented, but maybe that’s just me. Happy to participate and volunteer again. Just my two cents, not sure how much that’s worth in pence.

    1. I’m for defragmenting the chat! That’s the central problem facing the future C4C… but we shall see!
      (2 cents is worth nothing in pence – your two cents is priceless!)

  8. Very well done, sir. I’ll leave naming to more creative folk, and just drop my two pence. I like the idea of a “chat room”, but made a bit more exclusive via the “tie-in” we all had through WordPress. I’d like to see something like a “Chat room with a bouncer” idea – somewhat limited so it doesn’t turn into a pickup joint or we get overloaded with idiots posting any kind of nonsense, but open enough to have anybody (well, ALMOST anybody) join in.
    Now back to cleaning out my overloaded Inbox, compliments of three different snowstorms! 😯

  9. Rara said I should stop by and say I should give you kudos. Understand though, I *do* think C4C is an awesome idea!

    However, the link she gave doesn’t seem to work for me, so, I am commenting here.

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