Don’t deceive with belief – A delayed Pt 2

Sequel to this first post here, this is part two of a look at our beliefs.

The Democratic Myth

We can change the world with our vote, just watch!

I’m going to vote for Bob, and then he’ll raise taxes, cut welfare, fail to enforce carbon reduction and ensure hand-outs for his real friends – Señor Big Business and Lady Riches.

Wait though!

Now, using my amazing time-travel device, I will go back.

Voting DOES make a difference!
Voting DOES make a difference!

This time I’ll vote for Stan, and then he’ll raise taxes, cut welfare, fail to enforce carbon reduction and ensure hand-outs for his real friends – Senorita Industry and Lord Wealthy.

See what a difference my vote can make! I am super-powerful!

New president/Prime minister required. Candidates must:
Be able to represent the poor Be wealthy enough to buy into our club
Be able to represent minorities Be ‘white’ enough to join our club
Be charismatic and assertive Do what their told to do by the club
Be a family man regular people can relate to Be happy to cut education, childcare, and healthcare, raise taxes and reduce welfare
Champion the environment Support industry
Be able to see the real problems of our world Be happy to ignore them and toe the party line instead
Ah, who are we kidding. A sack of potatoes could do it – we write your speeches, design your policies, run your campaign – as long as you’re a pretty face thenwho gives a shit. These days you can do what you like as long as you look good.

The Caring State Myth

Politicians would heal the world if they could. Seriously. They would slice their own arms open and bleed into the ground if it would provide crops for Africa.

Sadly, that we have enough money for everyone, enough food to feed the world and sufficient infrastructure to get it done is just not enough. Any right thinking fellow would tell you that just giving stuff away and fixing problems would destabilise everything, and we wouldn’t want that, would we, being as is all so good as it is.

Thank heavens we get to keep our bombs
Thank heavens we get to keep our bombs

Social problems are hard to solve. Don’t listen to loonies who say mad things like, hey, politicians have a vested interest in the threat of terrorism, as the fear it generates enables them to pass inhumane laws they’d never get away with otherwise, or, war is good for the economy, peace isn’t, or a broken education system ensures a gullible populace who will just work for a living and shut up, or, you can’t put homeless people in all the empty houses as the property would lose value and it would impact on our ability to keep increasing rents. That’s so silly, who’d believe it!?

Cameron would do anything for his beloved bank account - England
Well, if the terrorists aren’t going to cause terror, someone has to step in…

These nut jobs have the idea that the whole system is just set-up to serve the rich and powerful. How insane is that? I mean, if that were true, the rich and powerful would have good universities only they could afford to keep them better educated, private healthcare to keep them fit, and nice houses, cars and good food even in the worst economic crisis in history.

Politicians have learned a lot from Hollywood
Politicians have learned a lot from Hollywood

Can you imagine!

The Reality Myth

Reliable information is key
Reliable information is key

Look at what you believe, only really look at it. Where did it come from? Is it real? is it actually based on evidence? Or have you, like so many of us, just kind of heard it and decided to accept it.

Do you believe the government is doing its best? Do you believe the problems of the state, the country, the world are insurmountable? Do you believe poverty is inevitable even in such a rich world? Do you believe that anyone can make it, get rich, be successful and have all they want if they just work hard enough?

We have bought in to so much illusion and propaganda that we can’t even see the reality behind it. We take the spin and speeches for the real thing, mistake the mask for the true face of things. Yet the way we have built society is not the only way one might build society.

Through propaganda, defeatism, spin and dogma our real human values have been eroded – love, compassion and care are pushed aside so we can focus on the ‘important business’ of making money.

Self-Help books get more real...
Self-Help books get more real…

Even new-age philosophy has been car-jacked. The ‘love’ books, telling us how to be nice to each other, have simply been turned into another industry, another money-spinner, another propaganda engine. The ideal life most of them promise is built on materialism and capital, on financial gain and security. The ridiculous notion of ‘being all you can be’ is based on some notion that you are independent of the world, no circumstance can stop you, no poverty or lack cannot be overcome, if you want to you can, alone, because you’re an individual.

It isn't easy being a supreme ruler when your flock are morons.
Sometimes it looks like someone isn’t talking because we aren’t listening.

It’s bullshit. We are a community. Individualism is a cancer to the health of a community, we must co-operate, not look out for ourselves but each other. We cannot be ‘anything we dream’ without crushing someone else, but we can be happy and in love, well fed and in a warm home. Co-operation and compromise does not mean sacrificing our dream, it means curtailing our ego, our greed. We cannot have everything we want, but we can have enough. Just not alone.

If we believe it.

There is always hope... and I'm an atheist - figure that!
There is always hope… and I’m an atheist – figure that!

11 thoughts on “Don’t deceive with belief – A delayed Pt 2

Add yours

  1. It’s funny how these things are funny – and they really are funny. I agree with all of it except for the crushing someone else part. Maybe I’m just being idealistic about it, but I think it’s possible for a very lucky few to become successful without hurting anyone and some even use that success to help others. As for the politicians and their myths, you might like the documentary “War Made Easy.”

      1. No, that doesn’t make up for it. 🙂 Anything that brings harm to others can’t be good. I do think you’ll like that movie. It concentrates on some political myths.

      2. Yes. I’ve found it – sounds very interesting. Can’t believe it was made in 2007 yet I’ve not heard of it before.
        I already suspect I will be basing a post on it 🙂

  2. Immigrants do eat babies and your system of benefits enables a single mother to leech off the government for nearly a decade because she can’t stop eating Wispas and drinking Diet Coke long enough to get herself a stable job. She claims she is depressed because of something that happened to her, but really, she is depressed because she is amounting to nothing and her daughters are learning to hate her and men. So there.

    P.S. I don’t think you’re an Atheist. I think you haven’t found the institution that fits your belief. I haven’t either, so I believe in something that keeps us all good and I do what I know to be right. Wanna join my religion? I won’t tell you what to believe and I only charge 6% of your income for ‘tithing’ which I use to make the world a better place by getting my hair and nails done.

  3. Great exposure of the myths. Love it. Democracy is flawed, the state is flawed and religion is sure as hell flawed. Oddly enough my religious beliefs come from my own investigations which started after I decided to just stop believing what other people told me. I think our perceptions of “God” etc are deeply flawed by centuries of manipulative teaching and misinterpretation. Sadly I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. Since “everybody” believes what they see in the media, it seems like there is less questioning than ever. The internet has ALL the answers so we don’t need to question anymore seems to be the modus operandi of the new millennium. We should question everything.

      1. I question your questioning my…. Oh hell I see where this is going. Hehehe. 😉

        Have a great day. Wish I could participate in the C4C but will be out of town. Sounds like you’ll have a great turnout.

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