Be part of the solution – A brand new award!

Never let it be said that I only complain, oh no. I act.

So it is that I have created my very own award. Please feel free to discover, admire and smell the brand new Flungdung Award complete with its own page!

Awards don't get better than this
Awards don’t get better than this!

Now I – and any others who like me would rather not do awards (yes Jasc, Susan, merbear, BB, Undies this is for you too 🙂 ) – have a nice, ready made way of saying thanks, but no thanks 😈

Of course, I’m not a one trick pony either – so my Award has several modes of use (extra, specific badges to follow – perhaps, if I have time and it’s still funny to me tomorrow!)

You can all thank me by leaving your own onomatopoeic word for the sound of two snails mating in the comments section below 🙂


41 thoughts on “Be part of the solution – A brand new award!

Add yours

  1. The ‘P’ sound has been sorely neglected in these comments. I propose ‘pppllluuuupppuuussss’ for the initial event between two newly mated snails, and ‘plupus’ for the quicky.

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