Don’t deceive with belief (as Bowie once said) Pt 1

We all hold beliefs about the world, but where do these beliefs come from? Are they based on experience, are they actually true? If we look underneath some of our great western assumptions it would seem not.

As I have mentioned before, In the UK we have debt, yet the government is too scared to get their due from the big boys (Google, Amazon etc.) so they take from the poor. But you can’t take from the poor without looking evil. So the poor have been ‘re-branded’ as work-shy scroungers. Now the government can cut their benefits and leave them hungry and no-one protests.

This kind of propaganda and spin has us believing all kinds of crazy-ass shit!

We are not burning the lungs of the planet, we are developing land. We are not oppressing the poor, everyone can make it in this world if they just try. It isn’t glorified violence, it’s entertainment or sport. It isn’t exploitation, it’s a beauty pageant… for children… to celebrate them… I mean it’s all girls… but that’s what girls are for right?

No confusion about children in this society, oh no...
No confusion about children in this society, oh no…

The Money Myth – Capitalism is the only choice

Western capitalism is now being adopted across the globe as if it were the only option, despite the fact that it has fundamental flaws which ensure it will always fail.

If you protest about the free-market or capitalism, you’re no longer a humanitarian, or an activist, your a nut-job and an idiot. Being an idealist used to be a compliment, now it’s an insult. Somehow we have become convinced that Marxism, Communism, Socialism and everything other alternative is a joke, a failure.

Actually none of these systems has ever been tried in its true form. A liberal democracy is not socialism; a Tsarist, oligarchic Russia is not Communism. Still, communism, that’s bound to fail anyway right – there’s no way a communist country could be the one showing the strongest economy on Earth during a global recession.

Only when the last tree is sold...
Only when the last tree is sold…

Capitalism is based on the idea of infinite resources and an infinite market, but there isn’t either of these things. So we will eventually flood the market, run out of new customers, run out of resources.

Another flaw is that extra money doesn’t just magic up because we made a new gadget to sell. It must be printed and loaned out in order to reach circulation. This borrowed money accrues interest, we borrow 10 but pay back 11. But the only way to pay that debt is… you guessed it… to borrow more money, which accrues interest.

The free market is a time bomb – doomed to constant boom and bust and eventual exhaustion of resources. It’s a disaster in the making. So why does arguing against it bring only ridicule?

Sexual Myths – Adults are liberated

At one time it was harmless tits and ass. Then it became controversial as women sought to shape their own identity. Then Girl Power came along and feminism was main-stream. The evolution of equality, yes?

Yep, still happens...
Yep, still happens…

No. Now instead of men telling girls to show their tits, men tell girls that if they were empowered they’d show their tits. We even have women protesting on the street for the right to dress like sluts. Because that’s empowerment that is.

We are the age of sexual liberty. Post 60’s free love we have become totally at ease with sex. It’s in magazines, on film, we talk about it in the pubs and clubs. Don’t we?

Damn you Clooney, with your doe eyes and firm abs! No-one wants a fat Panda now!
Damn you Clooney, with your doe eyes and firm abs! No-one wants a fat Panda now!

But far from freeing our sexuality, what the endless obsession with it in magazines and tv ‘documentaries’ and ‘educational programming’ does is put our focus on it, make us pull it apart and analyse whether we are doing it right, if we’re any good, if we’re normal.

We can’t just have sex any more, we can’t follow the natural flow of our passions in a dance of sexual expression. we have to do it a certain way, within certain bounds, the right method the right number of times. Sex is a science.

What we call it is sexual freedom, but what we have is sexual neurosis – a continuous autopsy of our most intimate moments.

We'll get it in the end Ladies, I promise.Meanwhile, a bit of floraphillia for you!
We’ll get it in the end ladies, I promise.
Meanwhile, a bit of floraphillia for you!

This has another effect, because we want to have it all. We want to pretend we are sexually open and free, and morally clean, and that it’s still okay to exploit women in advertising and strip clubs. But we are not open or free and it is not okay. Yet we are so determined to hold on to the idea that we are good and liberal, while refusing to stop exploitation and proscription, that we have become sexually conflicted, trying to be two incommensurate things at once.

So who pays for the distress this causes? Our children of course.

We cannot face our own sexual hypocrisy, so we transfer our guilt and neuroses onto the children. They must be sexually pure, untouched and untouchable. They must not think about sex, talk about sex or be educated about sex. They must be all the good things we think we should be but don’t want to be because they’re no fun.

Ideally kids would live in plastic bags unable to touch themselves or anyone else until they hit legal maturity, at which point they can join the screwed up mess us grown-ups have created for them.

Now here's how to save money at Christmas!
Now here’s how to save money at Christmas!

Yes we must protect children from exploitation. But you don’t protect children from catching a cold by stopping them from breathing. In ‘protecting them’ we have also denied them the right to have a body, to explore it appropriately and to develop normally among peers. It is no coincidence that the more repressive the country, the higher the rate of sexual activity and pregnancy of under age kids.

Far from protecting them from abuse, our refusal to allow them a natural sexual development leaves them ignorant and vulnerable to exploitation.

Part Two tomorrow (with hope at the end – honest.).

28 thoughts on “Don’t deceive with belief (as Bowie once said) Pt 1

Add yours

    1. I’m not so sure. I like to think I see through some BS, but how would I know if I didn’t!? What myths do I buy without even knowing?! I’m not going to go mad, but nor can I let myself get complacent.

      1. I can’t imagine you’ll ever be complacent. I agree with so much of your post, but when I speak to the young people I know they are a pretty decent bunch and no more neurotic or fucked up than we were at their age (admittedly, that gives them quite a lot of wiggle room).

  1. When I was in school, the nuns told us that if we touched ourselves, we would go to hell. I better pack some shorts and a halter top.

  2. I have to say that if sex hadn’t been so taboo when I was young, I wouldn’t have married at 19 just to have sex and wound up divorced, uneducated, and unemployable at 26. Never escaped the decision I made because sex was not allowed.

      1. I don’t live my life by other’s standards. I certainly have no need for acceptance (I learned that when I realized my mom doesn’t love me). My idea of success comes from feeling loved by my husband, and happy regardless of everything that goes on around me. I also hinge a lot of my happiness and success on my kids, and as it see it with my older sons living elsewhere, I am only at 50%. :S

      2. LOL… That’s true. 🙂 I am not dwelling on it. Today I had a real wake-up call and I am going to enjoy the hell out of Christmas with the kids I have here and my husband. I can’t cry about things I have no power to change. Last time I checked, me throwing a fit never gets me what I want. 😉

  3. The power of the megacorps and megabanks and their control of elected officials in democracies as well as the thugs in dictatorships give new meaning to the evils of capitalism and the incredible expansion of exploitation. Many of these entities have more power than most sovereign nations. In US people have been brainwashed into thinking labor unions are evil. But they are the only advocates working people have. Now it’s no pension, no med insurance, no paid vacation or sick leave. The dental plan is a free toothbrush. All at a below sustenance salary of $10 an hour-take it or leave it.

    1. Precisely – we’ve been brainwashed into believing we are lucky to be working and getting almost nothing!! I stand by my previous (many posts ago) assertion that if all politicians were constrained to minimum wage – how quickly the basic standard of living would rise!

  4. Whew. Your loooong reply above had me panting. I do believe that we are deceived with belief. We were born into this world and were brought up with this rigid system in place, with our way of thinking constantly being forced to stay in line with what the society now sees as ‘the norm.’ And those of us who question the current system are called crazy (at least in my case). It’s so hard to convince people that the chaos and destruction that we’re experiencing have their roots in Capitalism, and that upholding Consumerism keeps this system running. I’ve noticed that people refuse change… so do you think an ultimate devastation is inescapable or will everyone wake up before it’s too late?

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