New Job – A Poem

Hello and welcome to your interview

I’m going to detail the role for you

I can only give some vague outline

But you’ll pick it up in time

So basically the wage

Is lower than any other job on earth

There are no holidays

And there’s no end to the work

You’ll be on call twenty-four seven

With a continually changing shift pattern

You have to teach yourself any skills

As you face whatever happens

Years ago this was a four person job

Two senior staff on stand-by

Two juniors on the shop floor

But we can’t afford that any more

Nor can we afford training

Anyway, plenty don’t think the job

Needs any explaining

And we don’t want to hear you complaining

There’s a library if you’re really stuck

Although every book says something different

So you’re just as likely to become paranoid

As well informed – Good luck.

Oh, and the post has a limited span

But there’s no pension plan.

Now, would you still like the job?

Or shall I put the condom on?


35 thoughts on “New Job – A Poem

Add yours

  1. Laughing hysterically – crap I hope my new position isn’t like the above!
    Catchy, lyrical and as usual brilliant! The library verse- can’t afford training – aaahhh love love love
    Oh shall I put the condom on?
    You are such a ‘Beast’
    Well done Mr. P I like to see you humour emerge.

    1. I’m glad it tickled you 😀
      I’ve been very serious Panda lately. I wrote that this would happen, I struggle at xmas – but the odd funny nugget drops out. Which makes me a bit like a rabbits bottom… 🙂

      1. Not a problem. I wish you could hear my accent, but my husband says I sounds like an Essex slag when I speak in an accent. My kids think it’s a hoot though.

  2. Omg, so funny. I love the twist at the end. Course, with this economy, pretty much every job feels a little like this, but none quite like parenting! LOVE my kids, but if I’d known everything in the job description? Condom would have stayed ON.

  3. Sounds like every retail job I’ve ever had – OMG the shakes are starting. Get my pills. Fuck the pills give me whiskey. 🙂

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