The Political Gun – A Poem

quiet your empty words

and rhetoric

you have made us sick


what if HE did walk in

to the classroom

and address you


what if HE undeniably said

“this is the law of ten

written again


Thou shalt not bear arms even facing defeat

Thou shalt not deny others their own belief

Thou shalt not oppress race or sexuality

Thou shalt not have a cult of celebrity

Thou shalt not blame me for your responsibilities

Thou shalt not let starve while you have grain

Thou shalt not use ignorance to forfeit blame

Thou shalt not allow suffering for personal gain

Thou shalt not politic when a life is slain

Thou shalt not kill in my name”


now God has spoken

straight and clear

to your ear


but we already know

you will never let go

your control


we know your cowards thirst

would turn the gun on

your own God first


32 thoughts on “The Political Gun – A Poem

Add yours

      1. Liked it. No. LOVED IT. EFFING LOVED IT. You are making me swear all over the place today, man. Now my mind is full of images, like how would bullet holes look on an effigy in a church instead of nail holes?

      2. Crap-bags! I’ve changed the way WP handles my comments – now I discover it has stopped telling me about them too!
        Wow, rude Su is in the house! I’m coming over to see what I made you did! 😉

    1. Einstein was a genius in more ways than science. That said, I’d argue as to quite how much we comprehend, as opposed to how much we give names to things and then think we understand them!
      I’m glad this chimes with you.
      (p.s. I’ve changed comment moderation – I wonder if that’s what discombobulated you? 🙂 )

      1. Nods… true and true… and yes I have been totally (or is that Toats) discombobulated with that awaiting moderation – I appreciate you removing it – now I feel that you actually want to see what I’ve written! 😉

      2. I always want to read your stuff – how else would I get to sleep 😈 !
        When I started a few months ago I was worried idiots would leave rude or stupid comments – now I’ve been here a while I realise that only I do that! 😉

    1. I kind of feel it does, resonates with our century a bit more (and still allows me to covet the odd ass 😉 )
      I had a look at A Friend… I can’t keep up with my present following list, but I’ve put her in favourites for those mythical futures when I have time!!

      1. My husband’s friend lives in Georgia. His neighbour’s response to the shooting? That the teachers would have been able to defend themselves if they’d been armed. Complete insanity.

    1. The weird thing is – I’m an atheist too. I don’t ascribe to any religion, or believe in one ‘male’ god. I think the universe is astonishing and beautiful and we ought to be loving to each other – but a discrete omnipotent deity makes no sense to me. Existence is miraculous enough.
      There is something more, but we shouldn’t be praying to it – especially not if we then go out and hypocritically despoil the earth.

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