Mute Offering – A Poem

The news is hypnotising

But not fascinating

This is no vicarious experience

It is paralysis


We must help this


We cannot help this


The news brings it here

Without ever closing the distance

I am battered senses

I am shown my useless


We must help


We cannot help


I cannot control

Where my mind goes

As it dresses my son

In Newtown clothes


We must


We cannot


Pregnant with a felt thing

All I can bring

Is my pens momentary release

To build headstones in mute disbelief





17 thoughts on “Mute Offering – A Poem

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      1. I understand what you mean about acting together. I think everyone is stunned. My intention is to spend more time with the children in my life, providing avenues that inspire empathy and compassion . . . e.g. helping other people/animals. Will this end violent loss of life? No. But, it will help to heal the spirits of the givers and the receivers and illuminate the greater good. I believe that in doing this, we have our best shot at perpetuating higher levels of consciouness. You know . . . your plan to coordinatebloggers on Christmas to make sure that others do not feel alone, is a wonderful example of this. Keep on that course. You’re making a difference. 🙂 ~G

      2. Thanks Spirits. I think sometime we feel problems are too large, and so we are powerless. But there’s always something small and local we can do. And if we all did…
        Your children are lucky to have such an aware parent. You make a difference too.

      3. My only child is grown, but I cross paths closely/am in personal contact with a number of children, disabled adults and the elderly many times throughout my week. Also . . . with the homeless and animals in need of rescue. And . . . there are the occasional ‘strangers’ I happen upon via social media, like WordPress. If I intentionally inject each one of them with enthusiasm/energy to make a positive differrence, and they inject each person they meet, etc. . . . do the math . . . there is justification to hope that what is good and what is right is prevailing. Let’s really build up our true heros. Well . . . that’s what I am dedicated to anyway. Thanks for taking the time to share thought. ~G

  1. “I cannot control
    Where my mind goes
    As it dresses my son
    In Newtown clothes”

    Every parent’s nightmare. Very affecting words.

  2. The banning of weapons
    Across the world for peace

    To stop stray bullets
    and those guided towards the weak
    Innocence taken without a say

    Innocence that won’t see this
    Christmas Day

    You are doing something with C4C with your caring and giving soul.
    Pretty sure everyone is proud, as am I of what you write.
    We all mourn for the children R.I.P little ones.

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