Greasy Gravatar Gits are back!!

Could I be any more of a git?
Could I be any more of a git?

Remember Greasy Gibbs (call me Mr Gibbs – a lil’ joke for all you 70’s fans)?

Well, he’s back, and he’s liking everything in the universe again. The smarmy bastard is everywhere. I almost want to believe he’s some form of second-coming – a messiah trying to teach us to LIKE everyone.

I am the way and the truth and the Like

Join me and have eternal Like

And God said, let there be Like (etc.)

But he isn’t. Now he’s promoted himself from a scrappy looking site to a genuine blog, and changed his name to Clarence!! Yes, Clarence. Come on – does that face look like a Clarence!? It begins with a ‘C’, but…

Whatever – he’s up to some sneaky marketing crap, and I don’t want his face on my posts.

Anyway, I left him this message.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 02.05.45


Annoyed at myself for using ‘contempt’ twice, very slack, but I think my point was made. Anyone else feels like paying him a hello and leaving a little love, please do 🙂


33 thoughts on “Greasy Gravatar Gits are back!!

Add yours

    1. He seems to have dropped the vague BeeGees association of Gibbs for the slightly camp and unlikely Clarence – but why? International Dieting Superspy? The Names Clarence, Bob Clarence, Size 00, licensed to slim…

    1. You can’t – nor can you ‘remove’ followers. I think you should be allowed to. What if I made a gravatar of a big willy and liked everything?

      He he… now I mention it… 😉

  1. I need help! (Okay – I realize that I need help with a lot of things, but that’s not what I mean right now.) I tried to leave a sarcastic, pointed, no-holds-barred comment with Clarence or Robert or whoever the fuck he is and all I got was a request for my email address! How did you do it?

    1. Whenever you leave comments you always leave your email – WordPress normally does it automatically – but you can request a form that explicitly asks, as Clarence/Rob/Gibbs has. So I just filled it in.
      Ms Cross you used a very rude word! Most unlike you. Has Gibbs got under your skin?!

  2. Hahaha! Brilliant. That guy IS smarmy. I might have to give him a hit (too bad only a blog hit) and check out his stupid blog. It was just so funny. I was wondering who the hell everyone was talking about, then boom, there he was! I get so many drive-by likes, I might not have noticed him before. You have opened my eyes.

    1. There are tons of the buggers, drive-by likes and follows who you look at and they’re just selling crap, but Gibbs stood out for me – that “love myself” grin… oh dear, urging… *runs to bucket*…

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