Real to Real – A Poem

My previous post generated some comments between myself and Susan – which after some editing became this!

So. If you fancy it, I offer a challenge. From your own blog (or another), can you pick a comment chain and – with minimal editing – turn it into a poem? If so, link to the poem and the comments here (in a comment), I’ll choose a favourite and they can pick from a choice of prizes!! Woo!

Prize One: I’ll write a review of your blog which is either nice or caustic (your choice!)

Prize Two: I’ll write a poem about your choice of subject (something nice for nanna this Christmas?!).

Prize three: You can guest blog on Rule of Stupid (yeah, I know, I was running out of prizes!)

Judging to be done on Monday night, to announce next Tuesday πŸ™‚

Anyway – here’s the poem.

Real to Real

You are not going quietly mad alone.

If you have room in your padded cell,

I will be happy to join you.

Authenticity has its price,

As does imitation.

If I must pick a way to misery,

I choose the way that lets me be

less a liar to myself.

I salute you.

Let us bounce off the walls




Let’s have our

fragmented festival of strange

pulling balloon animals

from our heads

that everyone else

claims are imaginary

but I know that tiger is real

because I drew his stripes

And I know the chameleon is true

because I see him change

Your animals and mine

unbounded, uncaged

I see them seep

into other peoples sleep

even as they are

pushed away


40 thoughts on “Real to Real – A Poem

Add yours

  1. This was great, rollicking fun, Panda/Mike! Sadly, I cannot participate in the contest, because my blog comments are full of poetry, so I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the results you get on this. I think it’s a marvelous idea!

      1. Oh, they’ll go for it. If ***I*** were to do it ***I would go to my blog and get comments already in poetic form from Panda Man, Noel, Jeremy, or David Trudel*** to enter said contest. Hints are *******starred***** people πŸ˜‰

      1. Alas, no insertions … πŸ™‚ My poetry would stink up the joint. I assure you. Every time I read one of your poems, I think “how the hell did he do that?”

  2. uhmm….I find this absolutely fascinating and want to try …but I am a bit confused…where do I post my try at this? (oh lord … am I setting myself up to be made fun of? “look, she can’t even read directions. How will she even figure out a blog comment poem!”)

    1. Just do a normal post Katie, but put a link back to here in your post so I know where to find it (and link to where you got the comments too)
      Look forward to seeing it (but go easy on the maths! Not a Panda strong point!)
      And yes, of course you’re setting yourself up – that’s the fun bit πŸ˜‰

  3. I love this one!! It reminded me of this great song and video:

    I’m just sad I found it so late, do you think I can still jump into the bandwagon and post an entry tomorrow morning possibly? πŸ™‚

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