SEO and why you can relax – it’s all crap

Spirit wrote a post an hour or so ago (yeah, I don’t have a life yeah, I don’t mess around), in which they worried about SEO.

Most spam that we get is so obviously crap, but some is quite clever. I noticed most of the replies were people who worried about SEO, so I thought I’d try and set some minds at ease with a quick post.

First, SEO isn’t Google. Google is just the most popular search engine. SEO is a way of getting your stuff to appear in ALL search engines. Google aren’t trying to baffle us with science, the SEO morons are.

This was my response to Spirit, slightly expanded:

Reasons SEO Spam is crap.

1) I’ve done a bit of Web & SEO, and WordPress is brilliant at getting you ‘out there’ all on its own. It doesn’t need help.

2) SEO is for people selling stuff. We’re writing stuff. If all you want is site visits find another hobby!

3) SEO is for people with their own sites, and no amount of it will do much for a normal blogger. offers only a limited ability to improve on how visible you are, but as in point (1) – it does it for you.

4) Spirits SEO SPAM advised adding an email link in posts. DON’T. Unless you use a specific email address you don’t mind erasing later. This is just fishing – if you put your email in text in a blog post, it will be found by every crawling robot out there and you will get email spam forever! You have a contact page, a follow and comments all available. If you still feel you need to put your email in, make it a picture that you add, not text. Robots generally won’t find emails from pictures.

It's called SPAM for a reason!
It’s called SPAM for a reason!

Most importantly. If these SEO companies so F*ing good at getting YOU noticed, why are so few people finding THEM through Google that they have to resort to SPAMMING US!!

So write to flow, write from the heart, don’t start writing with keywords in mind – you might move up search engine results, but you’ll write like crap!!

16 thoughts on “SEO and why you can relax – it’s all crap

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  1. I am supposed to be working at my boring grown-up job, instead I am here with you…. I am glad you posted this. Seriously. I never really got the SEO stuff and I am happy not to think about it ever, ever again. Thanks for the clarification. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for the great clarification. I never worry about Google or Alexa rankings. When I got that SPAM comment, and saw all the hoops it recommended jumping through, I just rolled my eyes. Jumping through google hoops would take the JOY out of the JOurneY. 😀


  3. I never knew what SEO was. I kind of thought it was an online version of CEO in the beginning. I don’t click things I don’t understand and I really hate those short links they’ve invented like and shit. I don’t like not knowing what I am going to see if I click your tiny.url. Viruses and spam scare me.

  4. Hallelujah! someone who sees it my way! You’re right. If they’re so damned visible why do they have to spam us? As for ‘You’re not making as much money as you could…’ Well, who gives a shit about making money off a blog? It’s not the point. I’m happy if I only have one reader a day, as long as someone reads me

  5. Thanks for the reality check! I started blogging purely as an outlet, and with a little mind to being helpful to other people in my position and exploring my creative side. But when I happened upon that stats page… boy that riled up all sorts of dormant OCD in me. Cue spambots hailing SEO and I was all ‘WTF is SEO’ and a monster was born. Luckily I’ve calmed the f down a bit, but I’m still jealous of your 8-something-thou, you greedy bastard.

      1. 10,000?! Surely that’s illegal somewhere. But all kinds of awesome nevertheless. I’ll bask in your glory while squinting and blinking with my London-dimmer eyes. Hopefully the glory rubs off (in a rude way perchance). Mayhaps I need an angry animal avatar? I met a lot of camels in Morocco at new year that could do the trick. While none of them spat at me, many did eschew their stomach’s contents in my general vicinity. Close enough?

      2. That’s pretty much a blessing coming from a camel. If you’re after rub rub-offs, however, I wouldn’t go with grumpy dromedaries. Maybe a belligerent bush-baby? How was Africa BTW?

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