Tides – A Poem

We met and I realised

I had spent the whole of time

Holding my breath

We both exhaled and the outrush

Lifted us above the thousand cares

We remembered what laughter was

Then we gulfed again

With exquisite pain

Into cold

That cracks the bones

Until confluence

This live death dance

If I ran my hand

As a boy

Just once over your side

I know I would

However far hence

Die still feeling you

Upon my skin

Still trying to take it all in

And as we flow in time again

I do

If one detail changed

We may not have met

And this is why

I know that should each day before

And every day after

Tear me and laugh at my cries

That I once ran my hand over your side

Means I have had the perfect life


9 thoughts on “Tides – A Poem

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  1. Golly. This is a heart wrencher. There’s a lot of pain here. But some people go through their entire lives and never love like this. You are both lucky and unlucky it seems… *strokes panda’s ears*

    1. To have travelled to hell and back is better than to have stood still 🙂 To have tasted heaven too is is to be doubly blessed.
      To use so much religious metaphor as an agnostic is probably illegal or something 😉
      *roll’s onto back, happy but undignified*

  2. I love this, Mike/Panda. Again, you have painted a relationship and feelings with such vivid tones I would swear you were using oil pastels and not words to do it. Damn, man, you’re SO good.

    1. Susan, thank you. I only have a romantic heart. I’m just delighted a poet I admire so much feels so strongly about my own work. If ever I publish, you’re doing my reviews!!

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