The Painful Truth – A Poem

I had my heart’s desire

Is it heady wonder

Now I’m just a lonely alcoholic

Sharing jokes


I have learned the secrets of the world

Each truth costing another

Fragment of my life

Every fragment tearing the happiness


From a stranger

The future from a possibility

The love from a loved one

To leave just one


Now no ear will listen

To the perfect wisdom

Of a lonely alcoholic

Sharing jokes


We want truth

Only from people

Who shine in ways we understand

So we can believe truth makes it easy


We will not accept peace

From the hands

Of the battle scarred

And bloody


33 thoughts on “The Painful Truth – A Poem

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  1. I wonder why truth & peace from the battle scarred and bloody seems so repugnant to others… they are the ones who have seen and lived to tell about it…. often they have so much to offer, wisdom, advice, experience… truth doesn’t make it easy, truth makes us face our demons & fears… how else can we grow??? makes me wonder why so many are so afraid???

    I love this poem, it stirs up stuff inside of me…. makes me feel & think… thanx RoS

      1. Bless you. My good wifey has offered to bring ginger wine and girly films to keep you warm.
        I can’t do it. If I see Dirty Dancing once more I’ll explode with loathing 😉
        (I’m not clever, I have a secret coven of Pandas as a brain trust)

  2. Won’t accept peace
    Won’t we?
    Some call that Christ
    Blood had to come from somewere
    Someone had to draw it
    Or no story
    No miricle
    No salvation
    For His perfection
    Someone had to be the
    Bad guy
    Accept peace
    From these bloody hands

  3. What a very touching poem. The ending is my favorite, and the idea of people who shine like we do. Wow. It makes me think of how we turn to artists and musicians a lot of the time to purely express the emotions that we feel but in public. Perhaps blogging is like that as well. Very interesting!

  4. I’ve met many broken people whose whispers of wisdom are lost in the shout of their madness. It is tragic.

    Sometimes, often, comments are as interesting as the poem. Chocolate covered cherries. I linked this with Source of Inspiration.

    One mad + one mad = many possibilities

    Hugs, pat

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