Cameron on Prisons: Another weak excuse for splenetic ranting

Faceatthewindow already made the excellent point that if a law is to have meaning it must be a law for everyone. On the other hand, sensationalist media likes to fill our heads with traumatic and depressing crap and lies until we don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

First we are blind to it, then blinded by it, then we die
– said Mrs A Cheerful-Bastard of East Cheem.

Here to clear up some recent confusion with a guest post on the subject of Prisoners Rights is Mr Foaming Bigot-Tory III.

Thank you, peasant.

The UK is in a small war with the European Court of Human Rights at the moment. Bloody liberal foreigners.

With outrageous temerity, the ECHR expects the UK, as part of the European Union, to respect it’s laws and hold to them. These terrible, misguided laws include such disgusting things as human rights, equality and provision for the vulnerable… oh, I can hardly even bear to speak of them… but someone must.

Today’s sticking point is the right of prisoners to vote. Cameron says he feels “physically sick,” at the thought of prisoners having the right to vote. And so he should. 70% of prisoners have mental health issues. Do you need messed up depressed, schizoid, illiterate morons choosing how the country is run? No you don’t, we’ve got us Tories for that. These scum should be in mental health institutions, then they wouldn’t have committed crimes in the first place. (*What?* – *Closed them all?* – *We did?* – *Oh, budgets, good*)

These people should be gassed so they don’t become a burden on the state.

Laugh now, for tomorrow we may die

Let’s face it, prisoners are all scum. Prisoners are not actual people, they are criminals, and have never had a job or friends, families, homes or liked nice things. They came out of their whore-mothers, council-house womb, stealing the hospital blanket even before their first cry and have been destroying society ever since. They kill things, steal things and hate everyone and need to be locked away with other people who kill things, steal things and hate everyone where they can learn better.

If their wives and children can’t cope without them why should we care. After all, the silly bitch married a criminal so she’s probably a prostitute on crack anyway. As for the children, they’ve got scum genes and will grow up scum. Put them in care the little shits. (*What?* – *abused?* – *that common!?* – *reduced life chances eh?*).

These kids should be gassed so they don’t become a burden on the state.

As Sadiq Khan, Shadow Justice Secretary says, “committing a crime so serious that a judge has deprived you of your liberty means you should also lose the ability to vote.” (i – paper 23-11-12)

Damn straight.

Just because there have been 10,000 new laws introduced in the last decade shouldn’t change anything. The massive increase in prisonable offences is irrelevant. Yes you now go to prison for the kind of offences that would have brought no more than a tut and a sigh ten years ago but that’s not the point.

More than anything, I am sick of hearing about how ministers avoid prison for offences that see members of the public incarcerated. We’re ministers and deserve special treatment – after all we had the misfortune to grow up wealthy and be buggered at Eton College. We need concessions.

There are some terrible countries out there which allow prisoners votes, have reduced the length of prison sentences and let ex-prisoners get work without having to disclose their past crimes. This is outrageous and the fact that these countries have seen a fall in crime, prison populations and re-offending should not deter the UK from continuing to pursue a policy of imprisonment for minor offences, longer jail terms and more laws. Who cares that this has had no effect whatever on reducing crime in this country. It looks like we’re doing something, convinces the public and is a damn sight easier than real solutions.

We are the Conservative Party and being wrong has never been a reason for not doing more of it. It’s not about reducing crime, it’s about not having jews, blacks, asians, the disabled or any other minority or race to hate anymore and desperately needing to ensure some straw-man exists to be vilified during election campaigns. 

Important note. This is not a joke. It’s an illustration.

As it should be.

What next! I suppose the ECHR is going to start insisting that every law and policy should apply to everyone equally. Like hell it should. Idiots like Faceatthewindow have had this same ridiculous notion. Britain was built on exploitative colonialism and slavery. It’s what made us great, and it’s the job of this tory government to make us great again. What is the point of being in power if you can’t oppress a few people? 

It’s not like anyone important is being hurt, it’s only prisoners. Oh, and immigrants… and people on benefits, and the elderly… and the sick. But for God’s sake, look at that list! Who needs any of them?

I’ve read my history and it makes me furious. A century ago there was an insane belief that we should care for the poor who were simply unfortunate, or help criminals because they had made a mistake. Hah!  Then what should we believe – immigrants bring valuable skills and deserve to escape persecution? Next you’ll be telling me next that pensioners get old by accident! I suppose you think that ill people are actually ill too.

Unbelievable claptrap.

These people should be gassed so they don’t become a burden on the state.

If your child dips into your purse do you show them how much you already do for them; show the effect their actions have had; teach them the right way to ask, or to earn their own money in future? Do you buggery, you withdraw your love and throw the bastards out of the house, forever – no appeals. That’s good parenting.

Likewise, if someone is stupid enough to deliberately not have a job – bin them; cut off their money, take their homes and get-rid.  Freeze pensioners during the winter to save money. Keep immigrants out, even if they’re better doctors and teachers than our broken education system can spit out. And if someone commits a crime, bin them; ostracise them from society, vilify them and make damn sure they have nothing to gain by being good to society in the future.

Make them hate you, that’s how you make them behave nicely to you. That’s the Conservative way.

Are you a Tory arsehole? Or maybe you have a narrow-minded and ill-informed hatred of the people newspapers have told you to despise? Try reading something that isn’t a load of shit.

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  1. Having also read Tips for the Budding Blogger Pt 7 and despite enjoying this post I have decided not to comment. However I will leave a REPORT. I am sending a link to this post to all my local can’t lie straight in bed ConDem representatives. Your days of freedom may be short lived!

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