Liebster award – I’m so excited – (why isn’t there a ‘sarcastic’ setting for text?!)

Hey. So I got nominated – but I can kind of accept it because she did it to piss me off, which I respect!

I’m still not doing the whole trophy and whatnot thing, but here’s the questions answered – I’ll update my Great Blogs page tonight (to take combat babe off!… just kidding… you’re not on there! 😉 ) so nominations blah.

Just so you know – my next blogging tips post is delayed 24 hours by this. See CBabe – what you’ve done – there’s a mob gathering… pitchforks and ugly faces. Oh no. Just some pre-emptive carol singers – I’ll send them your way – I bet you love carol singers 😉

Anyway – questions…

1. What was your most embarrassing moment as a child? (Which – not What)

My life as a child was a single protracted embarrassment. From birth I was being stared at by ugly pink people whose mouths processed food like they were part giraffe and part tumble dryer. You humans disgust me. I had no space. Ever.

But the worst moment was losing track of time and knocking one out as the zoo opened. Took me two years to lose the name lipstick.

2. When your bubble’s invaded by an intruder (read: a stranger), how do you react?

* A week passes * Sorry it took so long, just finished reading “A Stranger” by Norbert Sedgwick. It was awful. CBabe that was nasty. So, the question…

I am fiercely territorial. Only three people in the world can touch me without me wanting to claw their heads off, and we’re all related. On the other hand I’m not shy – if you get in my space without an invite, you’ll know.

3. If you were a musician, what genre of music would you want to be known for?

I am a musician. I play some messed up genre that might be alt-rock-folk-indy. Though I’d rather be known for my music than known for a genre. Be weird going down the street with people shouting “hey, alt-country, how’s it going’?” Anyway, here’s one of my songs. I didn’t post any before because I’m pretty amazing already and don’t want people hating me for being too awesome.

Recorded at home and I had to play everything, mix it and all that guff – no pro kit or anything so don’t expect EMI. Studios don’t generally let panda’s in.


4. Would you tell the Goblin King he had know power over you or would you agree to let him be your slave?

Neither. Read this. And what the hell is ‘know power’ – girl, grammar-check, or this Panda is gonna rain dictionaries of fierce on you!

5. Which century would you have liked to live and why?

I can’t live a century – I can live for a century, or in a century, but not as a century. Tsk again (yes, I’m being cruel – you nominated me! That was evil!)

I would not change the time I am living in – I met my wife here. If I was alone, I’d go forwards not back – maybe 500 years to when you humans had wiped each other out and we animals could have our planet back if you haven’t f*ked it completely. I mean, come on, this is your only home man, how stupid are you?

6. Vampires or Werewolves? Elaborate.

They’re not really elaborate, so I disagree. Although Dracula does a mean party frock and cape combo on our ‘Rocky Horror” tribute nights. Werewolves don’t do clothes, jewellery or anything. So I’d say vampires are more showy.

7. If you weren’t/aren’t a parent and there ever is some Apocalypse, would you want to survive it?

There won’t be some apocalypse – they’re pretty much all or nothing events. Some kind of apocalypse maybe.

If I weren’t a parent I wouldn’t even want to live to see it.

8. What is Meatloaf not willing to do for love?

He’ll do it. He did it to me and I wanted him to. He’s just got an image to protect but that’s it – Hey Meats (he likes me to call him Meats, coz of his meats, y’know – he’s not subtle) – Meats! I’ve outed you! Get over it. Or under it. I know you will you sick son-of-a-bitch.

9. What does your dream life look like?

It’s pretty much this life, except everybody has realised that our individual happiness is dependent on the happiness of everyone else – so we’re all looking out for each other instead of getting all neurotic and fucked-up because we can’t stop staring into our own sphincteral self-interest.

10. Out of everything that makes you you, what do you think does it the most?

Not needing to know who I am. Once you know who you are, all you’ve done is decide the limits of who you could be. And all that time you spent asking who am I, and looking up that sphincter – you could have been helping some poor bastard with real problems – which would have given you your answer anyway.

11. You have to make up 11 questions for 11 different people, is that hard for you?

Are you asking if you’ve made it hard for me? Is that what you’re asking!? 😉

I don’t have to do jack. As you can see.

22 thoughts on “Liebster award – I’m so excited – (why isn’t there a ‘sarcastic’ setting for text?!)

Add yours

  1. Dude you are one fiercely insane Panda… (not to mention feisty and non-conformist)… the shit that goes on in that head of yours is kinda scary… and that’s all I got to say about that… oh and congrats on the award – I can see how much you love the recognition 😀

  2. I think he’s messing with us. He’s really a fiercely conservative civil servant from Staines who like eating peas with a knife and has a wife called Marjorie who wears a grey vest. He goes to church every Sunday and watches the news 3 times a day.

  3. You fail to mention those questions were asked pre-coffee “which” if anyone is a true coffee drinker they’d understand. Nice to know you’re literate enough to catch all the errors.

    Epic Fail. I guess I expected too much from you.

      1. I told you what I expected from you in a comment I posted to you. I held you to high standards, my mistake. When I disappoint someone who knew I could have done better I take it as a challenge. I guess you’re better for accepting and sticking to your short-comings. 😉

  4. Had no idea you were also a musician. Interesting sound. provocative.
    You handle this award thing better than me. I never respond to awards – period.

    1. I just needed some more derisive disdain from Combatbabe in my life – I don’t want to piss on something others value (I do) but I’m only ever going to do as I please with the ‘rules’ thing… Kudos passing, fair enough, chain letters? I came her to get away from facebook!

  5. Bubbles burst quickly . . .. often on contact with other bubbles. Sphincters offer very few surprises, therefore become boring rather quickly. Being nominated for blogging awards trivializes brilliance and . . . lipstick happens.

    As usual, you give of yourself in away that speaks to the masses. Everytime I read something you write, I am one or all of these: Challenged, inspired, entertained, motivated (not necessarily in that order). Salute.

    The person that nominated you must really dig you. I thank her. ‘Cause her action instigated the above post. . . timing impeccable . . . as if it all happend for a reason. 🙂

    Regardless . . . “It’s all goin’ on.” ~G

    1. High praise, I am warm with smug 🙂
      My nominator sadly is disappointed in me. Sigh. Perhaps I hid my truths too deep within the foolishness.
      Glad you liked it though.
      I certainly give it a reason to have happened 😉

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