Conservatives – first they’ll take you’re money, then they’ll take your kids – it’s official

Michael Gove has today called for more children to be put in care.

Scameron has been calling for a further £10billion in welfare cuts.

Can these imbeciles not do maths? Or is it in fact that they cannot do compassion?

Poverty leads to difficulties in parenting. Welfare cuts will increase poverty. So the answer surely is to avoid welfare cuts, improve employment opportunities and ensure the minimum wage is adequate – but hell no, that’s not the conservative way.

Instead they are to increase pressure on poorer families by taking even more money away – and if the familieas can’t cope, they’ll take their children away too.

It has long been understood that children in care suffer long-term damage. Here’s a link to a document by Save The Children, who you think might have some knowledge – crying out for us to invest in family care to keep children out of institutions.

We are currently in the middle of a storm – admittedly a misguided, hysterical, wasteful storm more about the satisfaction of gawpers after their vicarious kicks, compensation hunters, moral hypocrites  ignorant ranters, media-pedlars and scandal mongers than about victims of abuse – but a storm all the same.

Much of the abuse occurred in “care” environments. Which is where children ripped from families will end up.

This is social engineering which borders on criminal – although it’s not unpredicted.

Today the conservatives take away benefits and threaten to steal our children to be put in care homes and be protected from poverty by being abused there instead.

Selling children
Cameron dreams up a new income stream

Tomorrow? Maybe they’ll drop the pretence altogether and just set-up camps.


7 thoughts on “Conservatives – first they’ll take you’re money, then they’ll take your kids – it’s official

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this in the news the other day. Being a child who was in care, I was utterly shocked to read Gove’s (utter idiot) newest idea. What are they all on??!
    I was going to write something on this myself, but am glad you beat me to it. I might still…
    Will share.

  2. Maybe this bumbling prat has done us a favour, put a nail in the coffin for the Conservatives. Anecdotally speaking, my (Tory-voting) family pulled me out of care as they were horrified at the idea of me being brought up that way. The Tories bang on about family values (though clueless about what that means) and so many of their voters may see this as wildly deviating from their core principles. Even (some)Tory voters can think for themselves on occasion!! This might just be too outlandish for them to bear. *crosses fingers*

    1. Cross everything – in fact, gather up crosses, we may be facing a dark evil! I fear the Twatory party are just too blind and smug to notice reality – too shielded by money and privilege (you know, those things dole scroungers have so much of!). But I will hope with you.

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