Costa Del Fish’n’Chips – the problem with immigration

I am prompted by comments from three bloggers to have…

…can you see it coming…

to have…

to have a…

…you know don’t you…

to have a …



First, I will give praise and joy for faceatthewindow for being ridiculously intelligent, danuiseult for sharing surprising facts and rusty doodle for unknowingly bringing about this measured and intelligent look at the issues 😉

Britain seems to enjoy ranting about immigration on an almost unceasing basis. Only dead, blonde, creepy and obvious to generations paedophiles can shift the issue from the front page. I sometimes fear it will take over even our most favouritest pastime ever!

Long immigration queue
now who will talk about the weather?!

What bothers me about our constant bitching could last a book, but I will fail to keep it short!

1. One of the reasons foreign workers get our jobs is because they are better at them. They don’t overcharge, they turn up on time, do a decent job, finish before disappearing to start their next job and are polite.

Stop bitching and smarten up your act.

2. Have you given a second to think how many Britons leave the country each year? What! You want a one-way door?

Stop bitching and get that it cuts both ways.

3. The foreigners who come here generally have the decency to learn our language. They don’t go where it’s sunnier and buy property from under the locals, throw crisp packets on other people’s beaches and insist that the natives who only speak their own language are somehow ignorant.

Stop bitching and get some cultural sensitivity.

4. What exactly is the difference between “that (racist expletive) shop” and our insistence on taking over acres of waterfront property and turning it into fish and chip shops and ‘traditional British pubs’?

British bigotry abroad
Ah, the British abroad – makes you proud…

The answer? The foreign waiters and shop-keepers in Britain HAVE LEARNED ENGLISH.

Stop bitching and deal with your bigotry.

5. This one’s for the Government. The reason foreigners are better at jobs is because their governments haven’t totally f*ked up their education system. Rather than setting up immigrants as easy targets to gain political points, how about you get round to fixing some real problems in the country – you hopeless bastards.

Stop bitching and take responsibility.

So thanks to danuiseult for the facts which sowed the seed, and rusty doodle for the comment which poured on water.

As for faceatthewindow, her acutely intelligent observation should be read by anyone who wants to know why our government, and other institutions, are so consistently making bad choices, their misguided stance on immigration being just one of many examples.


26 thoughts on “Costa Del Fish’n’Chips – the problem with immigration

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  1. Someone talking common sense at last and, as you mention you were ‘prompted’ by the three bloggers (thanks for the links) I look forward to reading their blogs over the next few days. Good post 🙂

    1. aarrgghh… as it seems do the fish, who have just launched a very slimy offensive… it’s raining Cod, hallelujah, raining Cod, OMG… I’m gonna go out, and let myself get, tangled in a fishing net… ooh ooh ooh… oh God, must stop and lie down…

  2. Could have been written for the clods in my Tourist Town here in the USA. I grew up in an orchard town where the (insert racial expletive of your choice) Mexicans were “taking local jobs.” Indeed they were – all those jobs the locals considered beneath them.

    It’s just a diversionary tactic to keep the masses from taking too close a look at how the “leaders” of our country are bending us all over. Again and again. Get the people up in arms about “foreigners” and while they’re looking the other way we’ll pick their pockets.

    1. That Ms Leo is my post neatly popped into a sentence 🙂 We (UK/US) have become the society of the surface – distracted by pretty lights and ugly lies while being sucked dry.
      Where did the love go!

      1. The love was removed by Advertising Executives who figured out that they could manipulate what they dubbed “consumers” through the new medium called television. Companies quickly caught on and eagerly sought their services and thus the brainwashing began.

        Think about it – societal “opinions” are now dictated by what comes out of the little (or Big Screen if you’re keeping up with the trends) black boxes installed in every home. We have been conditioned for three generations now, and there are no signs of change. Bait and switch. Very old game, new method of delivery.

      2. This is spooky. I was crapping on about how the function of marketing is to create unhappiness (on Scott Williams blog i think). You’ve kind of said the exact thing… ooohhwah, cue twilight zone music 😉

  3. Good common sense. Especially apt #2 as our graduates leave for supposedly better jobs elsewhere after receiving highly subsidized post-secondary education. Hadn’t thought about those re-colonizing via vacation and retirement home purchases. Good point. This is quite a civilized rant. You should see us at hockey games over here. Big Smiles.

  4. Ah RoS, it is a gift to be able to be intelligent and insightful and funny too! How do you do it? This made me laugh and made me think. Loving your cartoons too 😀 Thanks too for the mention of my far more serious, and much less fun post….Anyway, must dash…nice immigration for the time of year 😉

    1. Hello FATW (I’m going to have to call you Window – FATW? FAT W, FATWAH – Am I accusing you of stuffing your face with cake whilst running from the Taliban?!)

      Hello Window – I’m glad I hit your funny bone. I don’t know how I ‘do it’, except that I turn the censor off (or at least to ‘low’) and then start typing 🙂

      You’re new to the Blog-o-sphere, but don’t denigrate your contribution – we can’t all be as hilarious as me! or as clever as you 🙂

  5. Sorry I’m a bit behind but I only just got here… but I am a recent (and temporary) immigrant to London, and I find the attitude of locals both interesting and disturbing. It’s especially odd being an white-english-speaking immigrant, so that people have a particular judgement about me until I open my mouth and the accent=lowerclass detection system kicks in. It works two ways – I’m assumed to be a hard-working ‘good sort’ (and dammit I am!), but also haven’t a shot in hell of being given a decent-earning job with potential for career prospects, especially as I’ll be summarily removed from the country within two years. I ranted about it a while back here:

    1. I’m sorry. I can’t understand your accent. can you speak up. I SAID CAN… YOU… SPEAK… UP!!
      Read your post, further disbelief at the awfulness of our immigration policy. Our ‘small-island’ syndrome knows no bounds!
      But welcome to stupid. And don’t worry, you’re not late – I live in pre-‘oh god, I’m eight seconds behind on trending and now I may as well kill myself’ times!

      1. Clearly you’re past it then. I mean, as I’m writing this 43,000 trends trended and 365 youtube stars were tubed. Also P.S. Psy is apparently now 815 million times cooler than either of us, so we should probably give up now. But also I saw him dance the pony in realsies so I’m cooler.

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