After All – A Poem

How do you turn sand into glass?
Why do I think that, as I raise my emery face, why do I turn
to the sea as if they would wait… How long have I been here? It took years to program me to ignore and believe that barbarism is society, until war for peace seemed perfectly reasonable, it’s amazing what you can do with commuters these days. How long it took to deracinate me I couldn’t say – there may be some way to go yet – I narrowed my parameters to the width of this isle, my horizons as flat as the endless sea view

I thought I would miss so much but I only
miss two things, a good conversation
and the sun

But that was then

Now when I lie down
It is hard to distinguish me
from the ground
As my limbs go green
A micro-forestry of tiny brassica polyps I lose myself in
fascinated. My skin appears to yearn for the earth
reaching like warm butter
from my bones.
I wave my way home
beneath a crack in the black sky

To hell with memory

it is the recollection
of my sins

Praise forgetting
The true miracle

How do we remember? Because it
happened. We were there. Our brain reacts
flexes synapses, strengthens neuronal bridges
like a local council
spending its sparse budget
Where most citizens cross
ignoring the rust
on the span of our
bad deeds, or the
kindness of others

So much for that

How do we forget?
Even here the poison of recall
Haunts us
We see the nothing where it was
A ghost mocks
How do we perceive this nothing
and why does the tongue of intention
Probe obsessively at the gap
of memories missing tooth

As if from nothing could come truth

I realise it is not a crack in the sky
But the last instant before I close my eye


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