Cameron warns he ‘doesn’t want a witch hunt’ as Tories stand accused

This morning Scameron was asked, albeit in a kack-handedly – ‘let’s make a story’ – kind of way – about allegations of abuse by Tory MP’s.

He responded by warning that we shouldn’t turn this into a witch hunt.

Hmm. A witch hunt. Isn’t that where you throw accusations around without evidence? Where you take one person to represent a whole group – when they don’t? Where you persecute people based on false beliefs?

It’s funny, but I didn’t hear Scameron warning of witch hunts when other people were being ‘hunted’. He has never spoken up for the BBC, or workers in care homes, or hospitals – or any one at all.

Now it’s on his doorstep. What’s up Dave? Surely you’re not going to ask for special treatment for ministers? I mean, you don’t think they’re different to the rest of us do you? The shocking truth is, 1 in 6 children suffer abuse, and Tories are no less likely than anyone else to offend. Because they’re just people.

I’m not making light of abuse – I’m using this extreme case because it has highlighted an important point.

When Scameron accuses ‘dole-scroungers’ of having an ‘attitude of entitlement‘ – he is ‘witch-hunting’. He is accusing all those on welfare of being lazy – persecuting a whole group based on false beliefs. (actually he is probably persecuting for points, as he must know there are not enough jobs to go round – knowingly making ‘witches’.)

When Scameron blames teachers for poor student performance, blames parents for not getting their kids to school, accuses all criminals of being irredeemable career criminals he is making witches. When he allows (as Labour did before him) MP’s to defraud their expenses without losing their jobs and MP’s to commit slander then merely step-down, while the public get jail-time, or at least a criminal record – he is saying (as Politicians increasingly do) that they are special.

So we are witches. In a country where freedom of speech has come to mean freedom to say what the Government lets you; where being unemployed means being a scrounging waster; where not getting good exams is not a failure of policy but down to lazy parenting or anti-social kids.

While Twatory ministers are now so special that accusing everyone else of child abuse is okay, they’re just pleb’s and probably guilty – but accusing a snow-white Tory is a witch-hunt?!


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