My hunger is greater than my capacity to eat!!

I’ve had two blessed days of rest – admittedly through spit-roasting myself on a fountain of gastric expulsion – but still.

As a consequence I’ve surfed the blogosphere until my thighs have developed bed-sores (chair-sores?). I’ve found some great people to follow, and many have found me – which means I’ve also been roasted on a spit of bi-directional blog-love πŸ™‚ Crikey!

Anywho – I have been very selective in my likes and follows. If I like something I will visit the page to read it fully, like it properly, and as long as I can find the wit – to leave a comment as well. If I don’t like it, I don’t LIKE it. Is that normal bloghaviour?

What I’ve loved about blogging is it’s a sort of Facebook for genuine people, real connections. I recently looked through my list of people I follow and I knew each one – what they wrote, their subjects and style. It’s not ‘friendship’ altogether, but it’s a whole lot deeper than Facebook, where you can ‘friend’ someone for a year and not know their last name.

Now I’m hitting a snag. I went to my reader to catch up on all those lovely people I follow (I wear a mask… you know that familiar stranger in the super-market, that glimpse you can’t quite catch? That’s me, going through your syntactic sins, rummaging your lexicographical laundry and occasionally wearing your discarded verbal smalls!).

Got a bit lost there! So… when I looked at the reader I had soooo many posts to view, and comments and follows to thank for and reply to (probably a fraction of some people’s – but it makes me warm and squishy inside – or is that the gastric bug again…!)

I already sneak far too many ‘work-breaks’ to catch-up on my Blog. I know I’m not going to be able to read all the splendour that I follow and I am a sad bunny! So I’d like to know…

I only have 100+ followers and it’s already getting challenging. How do you cope? Some of you have 1,000’s! What strategies do you have for catching up with your blog-mates? How do you choose which comments to respond to? How many people do you follow? How do you prioritise?

Hints and tips are very welcome, I may even collect them and make an advisory post. Finally – many, many thanks go to the people who think my confusing mix of ranting, poetry and love is worth looking at πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “My hunger is greater than my capacity to eat!!

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  1. Ha ha, I just keep my blog weird and eclectic enough that only weird and eclectic people follow it (or those who are yearning to have somebody stare at their soul-colors). But man, I do love those people when they find me. Yourself included, of course! πŸ™‚

    1. You’re very kind – I think – yeah, fair enough – I’m weird.
      Frankly I thought I’d done the same πŸ™‚ Maybe there’s more freaks out there than I thought!!
      I hope so πŸ˜‰

  2. Glad you are feeling somewhat better. I am fairly new to blogging, and just did it as a creative release and expression. I don’t glance at the reader much, but enjoy going through emails as they come in to see what others are wriitng or ranting about.

  3. I only have 40 followers and I have just hired a like minded assistant to help. Gary is a nice guy but I haven’t been too pleased with his performance thus far. Great read. Now where’s my two days of rest?!

  4. I am very picky about my likes and follows – I don’t just follow someone because they stared following me. I want to know I am going to enjoy reading the items that fill the ‘reader.’ I think that is not only normal, but very sensible ‘bloghaviour’ as well.

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