Evil exists – and it’s a microbe!

Well, if ever I’d wondered what it would be like if a balloon full of water exploded in my stomach, I now know!

A very tiny puff of nothing found it’s way into my system yesterday, spawned countless minions and then flew from every orifice in alarming ways for hours… and hours… ugh! I was a human catherine wheel of half-digested dinner and bodily fluids!

Too much information? We shall move on.

On the plus side this mass evacuation meant I had a full day, between episodes, to catch up on TV I’ve recorded and not watched.

I rarely watch TV, not just because most of it is crap, but also because I can’t bear adverts. Happily technology has now given us ways to skip them. Sadly it hasn’t given us the endless leisure time once promised to watch them.

Anyway, perhaps it was a mistake to watch BBC’s The Hidden Life of the Cell.

Now I was hurling fountains of fruit juice whilst visualising the epic ‘space battle’ in my innards! Brilliant program though – if you can find it (it’s not on iPlayer any more) watch it.

I’m now off work recovering my capacity to put things IN my body, so will catch up on Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life. I’ll report back on anything interesting.


One thought on “Evil exists – and it’s a microbe!

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  1. You poor thing, that sounds really dreadful. I hope you’re back to normal soon!

    We dumped our DVR along with all but the most basic cable because we were annoyed with the company that provided it. I miss recording shows a bit, but I find that Netflix fills in nicely in that regard, and is much cheaper. 🙂

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