The Mother Load – A Poem

Rent is high

Pay is low

Tax is everywhere

My kid smokes

Her school is a joke

She wants expensive clothes

I’ve spent it all

trying to float

I work so much she never sees me

The televisions has raised her

Dumb and angry


I don’t care that celebrities are going here or there

I don’t need to see pictures of atrocities

I can’t make it right

The horrors that I’m force fed

I can’t make policy to save lives

Or bring back the needless dead

I may be powerless but still

I’m scapegoated for our ills

The single mum with errant kids

The reason England’s hit the skids

Not the suits with second homes

Not the corporates with votes

Not those in elected seats

Instead the finger points at me


5 thoughts on “The Mother Load – A Poem

Add yours

  1. I like your poem. Its honest.The interspersed use of rhyming is effective.

    I think the message of the poem would be more effective without the first or last line. The last line restates the overall message of the poem and reads better without it. “The finger points back at me” in my opinion would be a more effective ending. It packs more of a punch. “Rent is high” is the line that hooked me to poem

    Hope my comments are helpful.

  2. Very moving. Seems, its the same everywhere; here parents are chastised and blamed for failure to instill proper values in their children (deserved in some cases) but the culture they’re exposed to constantly makes it almost impossible. Everything is about money; the next thing you know, churches will be charging admission,(not that, I would go)! It is denied, but class warfare does exist, everywhere. It does seem, at times, that it is us against them. It does feel good to vent a bit! You have inspired me to bitch a bit! Thanks for that.
    I agree with lapoetaflor that the poem would benefit from dropping the first and last line. Very good work. Leo

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