The truth, the whole truth and what the hell is the truth!?

This is more of a thought than a post, but it’s something I’d love to get feedback on.

In both academia and the world of work we are specialising, focussing research and jobs on ever narrower fields. Where once you might have studied English Literature, now you’re more likely to do ‘The Post-Structuralist Literature of Cultural Miscegenation in 20th Century Hispanic Pantoom Poetry’. Instead of working on general problems of Physics, you can spend decades examining the specific gravitation of weak-force, negative-spin quark anti-particles.

I believe that knowledge is better gained not through specialisation but through synthesis. I have noticed that when a truth is found, it is something that can be applied analogously to other situations.

Miracle Of Science
Miracle Of Science

I think we need to pull back from our ever more microscopic views in each subject, and start crossing boundaries again. Art has something to teach physics, literature can educate science as much as science can change literature.

If you want to think outside the box, talk to someone who lives there!

We may be learning more about matter, but the heart, the soul of science is lost if it cannot translate to our actual lived lives.

Let’s throw some monkeys at some keyboards and shake this s**t up a little!!

Dilbert Cartoon
Dilbert Cartoon

What do you think?


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