Conflict is the denial of what is

Conflict is the denial of what is

or the running away from what is

there is no other conflict than that



I can’t think of a single example to disprove this. You might have to dig but in any fight, beneath any argument or propaganda, behind any rhetoric or political spin, no matter what reasons may be given one person, power or force is refusing to accept how things are.

When I stand back and look at it like this is fills me with an almost unbearable sadness; that we have caused so much suffering because we will not accept how things necessarily are. The wars and squabbles we have waged seem so needless and unutterably tragic.


I want the land you own

I want the car you drive

I want you to drop the god you made

to come and worship mine


I want the jewels within your hills

I want the oil under your seas

I want a world where everything

belongs only to me


I want your wife

I want your house

I want your adoration

I want your food

I want your luck

I want your subjugation


I want all that I see you have

I want all you may ever grasp


I need the love you hold inside

For which I’ll never ask

11 thoughts on “Conflict is the denial of what is

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    1. I can see where you’re coming from, but for me the conflict is two-fold. First the conflict between reality (I don’t have your stuff) and desire (I want your stuff). Second the conflict acted out to get the stuff.

  1. I think the silver lining in all this is that the conflict doesn’t need to define us. It might live in everyone, in human nature, after all we have probably all wanted something someone else has and been jealous. But it’s what we do about this conflict, this jealousy, that defines us. We can resolve it, and find happiness in ourselves, or we can try to destroy the happiness of others. It is a choice, and having a choice means we can change, for better.
    Great poem!

    1. I agree Daisies – and go further. Beneath jealousy lies misunderstanding. If we can find the ‘gap’ in ourselves which drives negative feelings, we will find it cannot be filled by getting ‘things’, but by gaining self-understanding, awareness and community.
      Thanks for the compliment too 🙂

      1. Yes.. I believe that even if you would get all the things you wanted, you would then just be disappointed. Because they weren’t what you needed. Self-understanding, awareness and community are just that. Not material things.

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